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What would you do for the men you love,,,


Man, this week goes fast – I seriously had to study so maybe that’s why. I am going to a Prana Flow training this weekend. Now I am going through materials that are recommended. At least I am trying to 😉 The training is going to be in one of Mississauga’s yoga studios. One of Senior Teacher and Director of Shiva Rea’s Samudra School of Living Yoga is coming and I am pretty excited about what happens there. I won’t go into details what it’s about. I’ll share with you after. It’s going to be an intense 3 days so I am already concerned how to stock myself with on the go food. I am thinking that snacks are not enough since its from 7am-7 pm. That’s correct-7 am!!!

Back to the topic, Tom is pretty open recently to vegan cousin and some dishes he really likes . But still he is a meat eater. In general I don’t have issue with preparing traditional meals for him but liver.…Is one of those things that really disgusts me. Probably most of you will think “why would you have this for dinner”. Well it’s all a part of Polish cuisine when you simply fry the liver (any kind) with onion. And I remember the times when my mom used to make it and I ate it then…but ever since I tried to prepare it on my own I just got grossed out. It’s all bloody and slimy before it looks like meal.

I am not even mentioning the fact I almost don’t eat meat anymore…

I was doing my shopping on Monday evening and since I am a good wife – I remembered that a while ago he asked me to make it. Bleh…I just clenched my teeth today. I didn’t take any pictures of this bloody meal – to graphic for the blog;) but you can call it -an experience.

And what can you do for your meat eater?

Have an awesome rest of the week,