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Partner Yoga on the weekend


Wow, that was a very exciting weekend. As I promised I am sharing what has happen.

Saturday morning was busy. I woke up very early and headed to my Viynasa class which was not too bad at all. Depressing weather didn’t stop us from turning upside down and got playful with tripod stand.

Later on I went to an open house of one of the studios I teach in. This time I taught a Partner yoga class with a co-worker.

So what is Partner Yoga all about?

It involves two (or more) people joining together to transform traditional yoga asana and create new version of it. Partner yoga allows to open the body more deeply that we can not do it on our own, keep correct alignment, balance and focus. Because you support each other in a specific posture it helps with increasing the stretch and the impact of yoga on your posture. It’s mutually beneficial for both. You can do the same pose with your partner or interwind a pose and create a new one.

Partner yoga connects you with your partner not only on physical level but also emotional. Since it involves the yoga asana, conscious breath but also touch – you will touch and you will be touched by other people – Be prepared;).

Finally Partner yoga offers a unique way to build trust and gain sensitivity to your partner’s needs. It can be intimate and help with fortifying communication in an relationship and bring you closer with your partner. Having said that you can practice with anyone you want: your spouse of course but also with a friend, a co-worker, a stranger, a fitness buddy. Most important it’s a playful way to have fun and laugh together.

Until now I was practicing all the Partner yoga classes with my friend. Somehow we built this connection and trust to the level where I was not afraid to “fly” above her, balancing my body only on her feet. And maybe I didn’t even realize how important it was. For those who are new to this practice my advice is to keep eye contact all the time and continuously check with your partner what they need or how much longer they can hold you, how much deeper you can push them etc.

Julie is in a Child pose and I am stretching in a backbend- felt awesome!

Overall the whole event was fun. The class went well. Not everyone came in with their partner so we matched people up and also practiced with them. Later on I hang out there a bit, met people from my training. It was great to see my old friends.

The excitement of Saturday didn’t end there. I managed to convince my “dancing buddy” to go out to a night to the club. Tom was not thrilled – he just hates clubbing…I needed to dance so my friend’s husband and Tom went to the bar and we both went a club. It felt extremely good to get crazy on the dance floor after so long (too long). Although I need to admit that I couldn’t feel my toes at the end of the night and on Sunday I was extremely tired all day. Well… I am not getting younger and I guess now I need my time to recover the next day.

The last exciting news from my weekend is that I found out that I won a prize from the draw that took place at the studio’s open house. Which is: Chef of the local vegan restaurant is coming to my house to prepare me dinner (vegan dinner of course). This is very exciting although I wonder what Tom will eat 😉
I am not sure how it all works yet, but surly I will share my experiences from it.
And now… we shall start the work week.


Just ordinary week


Whoa! The air is so crisp today. Walking the dog in my flip flops definitely made me chilly.

I love fall, especially after such a hot summer we had, it seems very refreshing to me. I can’t wait to see all the colours coming up. I find I need to switch my perspective on life from time to time. After stagnancy for a while I am finding my comfort zone and staying in the same spot for a long time. So Fall and Spring time makes me to think about some changes, ideas, and looking for something new. For the last week I am taking it to my mat as well. Some yoga poses are not challenging anymore or doesn’t give me the same benefits as it used to. So I am trying to dig deeper in my teaching and my personal practice.

I am repeating the same sequence all over again. Each time maybe by finding more engagement in my feet, core, shoulders or whatever is lacking in the same Triangle Pose (Trikonasana). I am looking for some new sensation there, deeper stretch, more heart expansion and so on. I highly recommend that practice from time to time just to rejuvenate your practice.

Besides that my week went very fast. Tom is working night shift so I can not count on any help from him. Everything is on my hands. Poor me;). Although Sophie doesn’t seem to complain and each morning I find this:

The good thing is that every night when he is gone I can put some music on and get creative in the kitchen. Make as much mess as I want to and I don’t have to explain that to anyone! I am trying to come up with my breakfasts and lunches a day before. In between classes I can just eat, change and go back to work again. Yesterday I played Nelly Furtado (don’t ask me why, I guess I have some sentimental issue for her or feminine music in general). I made Raw Vegetable Spring Rolls with Easy Peanut Sauce


You can combine all vegetables you have in the fridge. I put, red and yellow peppers, cucumber, zucchini, salad, and half avocado blended with 4-5 baby carrots, asparagus . Roll it into Rice paper.

For the Peanut Sauce:

the same amount of:

Peanut butter,

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sesame Oil and Maple Syrup. ( if you don’t want this to be too sweet reduce the amount of Maple Syrup). For one person 2 tbsp blend it well in a food processor. Refrigerate overnight.

Lesson learned after taking this picture: when you are taking a picture with some sauce on the plate, hmm spread it out nicely . Fancy lines around your meal would work better then just dumping a spoon of the sauce on the plate.

For quick and sweet breakfast: rice cake with peanut butter and dried figs on top. Yummy

For my afternoon coffee always goes with something sweet: Fig & Banana Bliss

½ cup of oats blended with a spoon of chocolate protein powder or cacao, add 1 tsp of vanilla. Refrigerate overnight, whenever you ready blend 1 frozen banana, 1-2 fresh figs, spoon of greek yogurt and raisins on top.

And what was your favorite dish this week?