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Yin/Yang class – a sweet torture…


On Saturday morning I had the most painful yoga class I have ever attended.

As usually I went to my Saturday class to teach. Since I experienced a lot of pain in my hip flexors I decided to stay for the following my class – Yin/Yang yoga. Holy guacamole!!!

Ok, I admit since I started to do weight lifting training I feel a lot of tightness in my hips, not to mention other parts of my body. And yes, if you are an instructor you don’t get a lot of chances to actually practice on your own. You know how they say:” …. a shoemaker walks without shoes…”.

Often I sacrifice my own stretching over workouts I am committed to follow already. And of course it just gets worst and worst. Besides that I was always very flexible. I didn’t have the need to spend an hour doing not my type of yoga- simple stretching. You can torture me with physical activity – I don’t mind but….at the class I had to fight to ignore the pain: “should I stay or should I go”. And again I tired this class a few times. I struggled with the pain and my mind and I know that it’s sooo good for me. Still I have lots of excuses why I need to go back home and not stay for this particular class. Yesterday I kind of felt I don’t have a choice here. I could barely walk.

The idea of Yin/Yang class is to fuse an active and passive asanas that counter-balance one another.

Yin part refers to passive practice and gets to the deep connective tissues, ligaments in the joints. Held for several minutes or longer, passing the muscles and looking for the state of being uncomfortable. Over time it can lengthen these tissues and increase range of motion. Yang part refers to muscular energy, incorporates standing postures, power yoga poses. This combination helps to archive the perfect balance. Often compare to day and night, light and dark. Relaxes and straightens your body and your mind. 

So this was my Saturday morning. I was crying like a baby there, felt someone was tiring my tenors. I felt burning fire in my hips. This very intensive torture but felt so sweet after words.

I am considering committing to do it on my own, at least once a week. Maybe this will eliminate tears each time I am stretching my hips.

Btw I am working on creating the simple hip opener sequence for you so we all can get a chance to try it out without excuses. Stay tuned.

After I came back I felt like I need an award. Tom ate my strawberry overnight oats… forgive me, but there won’t be any picture of that. Lucky enough a few days ago I prepared and froze a new Banana Oats Goodie inspire by Elise from www.hungryhungryhippie.com

So I’ll just throw it in the oven and here it is-Yummy.


1 mashed banana

½ oats

1tsp of baking powder

1-2 Tbsp grounded flaxseeds

nuts of your choice (I used raisins, walnuts ans some almonds).

¼ of cup almond milk

a bit of warm water

nutmeg spice on top

Stir it and freeze it. When you are ready throw it into the oven for around 45 minutes.
Have sweet dream!!!