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Goji Berries Protein Bar to snack on


I don’t want to say it out laud but fall is coming,,, and with fall the tendency to get sick. My immune system is pretty strong but I can never have enough of Vitamin C. Especially when I am stressed out and have no time to relax. My week was pretty intense with running errands before we leave for our vacation so I made these bars to help me with dealing with hunger when I am on the run.

Goji Berries are pack with vitamin C (more than oranges) and have more beta-carotene than carrots ( good bye wrinkles!!!). You can eat them however how you want, raw or cooked, add to anything really. The taste is similar to raisins but more tart.

Goji Berries Protein Bar

based on this recipe

with modification: I used: 1 cup of almond flour, add ¼ goji berries and pecans (instead of almonds) and coconut to sprinkle on top.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it.