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Get back to normal


Hey Bloggis,

Finally three of us had a good night of sleep. It was getting rough. Yesterday when we laid down and she was killing herself with scratching I literally needed to step out of my bed once and laid down with her on the floor. I felt so bad for her. But yesterday my vet’s diagnosis was: “environmental allergies” . What the heck does it mean? Like grass, air,,,fall… Anyways, she has got an injection and some pills and is getting better. Btw how do you sneak pills into your dog’s food?

We came up with peanut butter balls; I rolling a pill into that delicious snack for her. And she is buying it. Deli or any other goodies are not working – she is smart enough to find it in between so… “Thank God” we have a huge jar of peanut butter from Costco. And its Organic;)

This whole Sophie situation freaked me out and I didn’t have a chance to follow my daily schedule. Finally today I had a chance to play in the kitchen a bit.

I created some of my favorite Vegetable Nori rolls with a spinach salad on the side. And yes, I had more than that. I actually had two rolls. For a snack I made some Nutty Vanilla cream cheese and I need to say it just melts in my mouth.

For Vegetable Nori rolls


2 nori sheets

grated carrot

½ avocado

squeeze of lemon

Blend avocado with carrot to get a smooth texture. Spread your favorite hummus on the bottom of the Nori sheet. I used “ Humm” roasted pine nuts. Put carrots with avocado blend on top. You can add some extra spices, like Cayenne pepper or basil. Roll it, refrigerate overnight.

Nutty Vanilla cream cheese


1 cup of Cashew nuts ( soaked overnight)

1 tsp of vanilla extract

4-5 dates

Blend it together. You may need to add some extra water (1-2 tbsp). Eat with bread or crackers.

Besides eating I had managed to get a good workout in. I hate feeling guilty and in order to execute my cravings for something sweet I kicked my butt quite a bit. I spent the morning at the gym, also because I wanted to try out my yoga sequence with weights. Later on I had my debut for this type of class – which turned out awesome. Very exhausting but it was so worth it. And at the end of the night I stayed in the hot room to give myself a little gift of relaxation. Well the relaxation part was at the end, before it, it was a very core engaging practice. Now I am ready for bed.

The question for you is: do you feel guilty when eating desserts and not exercising? How to overcome that?