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My heart is broken


Sophie is sick. She is scratching herself all day and night long for past few days now. No signs for skin infection so we are assuming something is underneath. Tomorrow I will go to the vet to check her but now I just feel so…helpless. I read a lot about dog allergies and the potential parasites but there is nothing about home remedies I can do before she gets a professional help. And I know that everyone who has a pet at home can relate to that. She is kind off “my baby” after all.

Meanwhile I have crazy days, time passes by. It’s already middle of the week and I didn’t post anything yet. I am working on creating the sequence for my new class that starts on Friday. It’s a Yoga Sculp with weights and it’s going to be pretty intensive workout. I am excited about it so cross your fingers!!!

I am also getting addicted to reading others blogs now. Tom is laughing at me that I found “my people”. But he is right ( just a little bit). All I do in my free time is reading and trying all the great recipes you guys are posting. I am very inspired by some of the blogs I found. I am not sure how you can do it, posting all the time, keeping yourself in shape and still, working, living and cooking. On that note I just want to say Thank you to all healthy bloggins community. Not so long ago I was in the point where I gave up fighting with my IBS. Nothing was working but now I am again full of motivation to overcome this

Here is today’s creation- TVP burrito. I left some for Tom wondering about his reaction. I think he is already tired of me trying to feed him with some new and healthy (sometimes meatless) meals. But take a look, doesn’t that make you hungry?

I had one in Kensington Market in Toronto on one of our wondering trip. I love this place, so much going on there so if you are ever visiting Toronto, you need to stop there. I re-create the recipe with my personal touch and he thought he is tasting meat there;)

Need to run, prepare something yummy for the breakfast and get some sleep. Hopefully Sophie can sleep too and tomorrow we will get some help for her.

Stay Warm,