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Weekend eats


I hope you had a beautiful weekend. Mine was pretty busy so I am quite exhausted over all. Teaching 5 hot yoga classes in 3 days drained me completely so I hope to have a very relaxing evening on my couch, watching “Breaking bad” -yupi, New season starts today!

I just wanted to stop by and share some weekends eats:

Grill Rainbow trout and a salad with a Dijon Balsamic dressing

Dinner was delicious and full of nutrients that I needed on that day.

After my class for a quick lunch I had an Egg-Avocado sandwich with “Tofutti” cream cheese.

Ezkiel bread with cocoanut oil, an egg, avocado and  tofu cream cheese-perfect, filling made in no time

Next dinner: Salad with “Goddess dressing” from Trader Joe’s (bought on my trip to Chicago), grilled chicken and Tom’s fav. Italian spicy sausage and Mary’s crackers 

New find for a dessert: “Ciao Bella” Coconut sorbet with chocolate and PB chocolate chip Larabar

It’s actually very tasty, even Tom, who always choose chocolate over coconut enjoyed it.

Besides, lots of coconut water to replenish your fluids.

I think I had my calorie intake for a week but that’s OK, It was worth it;)

I am going to rest now.

Till next time