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My new fav. sweet tooth cure – Chia seed pudding


I was hesitating to eat Chia seeds for quite a while. I kept it on my shelf but I couldn’t find a way to add it to my food and avoid GI problems. My newest discovery is making a chia pudding. Not only it doesn’t bother my tummy but it cures my sweet cravings; perfect for an after workout snack.

What are the health benefits of adding Chia seeds to your diet?

Chia seeds are an ancient food that belong to the mint plant family and are grown in Mexico and Central America. The ancient Aztecs called it “running food” because messengers could run all day around on just a handful. Some of the benefits of Chia are:

– Balance Blood Sugar (Because it’s a combination of soluble and insoluble fiber, adding Chia seeds to your meals helps with turning your food into a constant, steady energy without spiking your blood sugar and making you tired after meals)

– Helping with loosing weight (Chia seed absorb water and forms into a gel increasing its size and weight. You can make it to taste of whatever you like and feel full for hours)

   – Has Omega-3 oil (more than salmon)

– Helps with joint pain and provides tissue repair protein

– Deliver an energy boost (Chia is one of nature’s highest plant based sourced of complete protein, vitamins, minerals and blood sugar balancing gel keeps you full longer without jittery energy.)

– You can bake with it (Chia gel can substitute for half of the
butter and an egg in your fav. recipes)

– High in anti-oxidants

So recently I started to eat (and enjoy) the Chia seed pudding as my breakfast, before workouts and as an after workout snack. The pudding keeps me full without the heavy feeling.

Raspberry Chocolate Chia Seed Pudding

2-3 tbsp Chia Seeds
1/2-1 cup of water or almond milk
1 tbsp of Cacao Powder
1/3 cup raspberry pure+some for a decoration
1 scoop of chocolate protein powder or vanilla protein powder
5 drops of Stevia ( or 1tsp of Honey, Maple Syrup)
pinch of salt

½ cup of Greek yogurt
vanilla extract
1tsp Cardamon
1/3 cup of banana, strawberry pure etc

Mix all together and whisk 5-6 times over 30 minutes

Play with this recipe, there’s tons of variations you can make. Enjoy and have a Happy Long Weekend!!!