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Circus school


I can’t believe that the weekend is over. I am not used to having so many activities on the weekend so I am assuming it will be hard to start my intense work week tomorrow. At the end of it, no questions that it was well worth it.

If you ever have a chance to spend some time in a circus school, go for it. It is so much fun. Even thou I felt a little bit anxious about it (I’m definitely passed the stage of ignorance mistaken for courage), the trainers are there all the time so there is no real worries.

We went to Stoney Creek circus school on Saturday afternoon. They split 60 people into 5 groups and we walked from station to station trying different things. First we tried jumping on a trampoline. It’s pretty hard. One of the first things you learn is how to properly fall – your body naturally wants to fall forward when you actually need to land sitting straight (Dandasana). Next we moved into a trapezes and I love it. It was one of the acrobatics that I always wanted to try. This circus school offers pole dancing and I felt almost embarrassed that I just couldn’t climb on the pole.  But  I think all the guys were even more shocked that someone was asking them to try pole dancing;). We also tried tumbling walking and aerials where you learn how to swing, suspend, spin in the air. It requires lots of upper body strength but it’s very exciting. So over all if I ever decide to start a new career in circus I will definitely choose acrobatics in the air. Here are some pictures, take a look:

…and I am done.