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July recap


Hi All,

It’s been a while since I was here so I will try quickly go over what was happening in my life in a month of July.

Basically after I felt better with my first strep throat I got it again. I took me 4 weeks to get rid of it and 2 cycle of antibiotics. Maybe it was my fault that I came back to teaching too soon; maybe it was just a bad luck. Whatever the reason was it took all of my energy.

Now I am feeling better and I am packing for our vacation. We are leaving on Thursday. We are going to Poland to see my family. We have my cousin’s wedding to attend and hopefully I will not get sick again.

To recap: Summer is beautiful here. We got several days of a crazy heat but recently it’s pretty crispy and fresh. We went for a hike the other day. It was great to spend time outdoors. I am loving the lake.

Recently Updated3

In terms of meals: I took some pictures with my phone-forgive me


grilled chicken with veggies

turkey burger on a Portobello “bun”

my fav.: protein bowl with a Tahini dressing

Ok, I am getting back to my packing. I will post soon.

Enjoy your day,

SAMSUNG Picture taken on our bike ride in the Bronte Park.