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Refreshing Salad with Feta and Parsley


Hello there,

Hope everything is well with you.

October just have started and I can not get enough the beauty of this Fall. Especially in my new neighborhood I don’t have to go far to see all the colorful leaves, acorns and chestnuts falling from the trees. Perfect weather to stay outside:

IMG_20141002_121332Either it’s a fun activity or house work…like sanding the old dining table;)



Yes, we are still continuing our home improvements. Although the kitchen is done (and it’s my dream kitchen-Thank you TOM!!!) there is lots of other things to do here. Slowly we are moving on with work, I am not even rushing anymore, I am trying to enjoy being here. Eventually I will gather all the pictures and give you a tour;)

In regards to my work now,  many changes,,,. And that as well is another story. I am doing lots of Personal Training now, got hired in a fitness studio very close to my house. I am also doing some administrative work for them too so it’s a process and it’s evolving, who knows where that will lead me. For now I am pretty happy. I was really exhausted with only teaching yoga and I needed more variety and balance. Both personal training, teaching yoga or even teaching boot camps (which I do as well) are mentally and physically draining. We give so much of our personal energy that’s very hard to have anything left for yourself. So my hope is that maybe now, when I am mostly in one place (I still have a few classes in my old studios), not driving that much it will be a little bit easier for me. Maybe;)))

But this post it’s supposed to be about something completely different;). Its been forever but here you go something refreshing, before summer is gone.

Refreshing Salad with Feta and Parsley

(gluten free, nut free)


1 pkg cherry tomatoes

2 small onions

100 g feta cheese

2 Tbs Olive oil+1 Tbsp lemon juice, salt/pepper

1/3 c chopped parsley

1/4 c roasted sunflower seeds


Wash, peel and chop tomatoes, onions and parsley add feta, pour olive oil and spices, sprinkle with roasted sunflower seeds. Refrigerate for at least 15 min before serving. Enjoy

So now you turn, how are you doing this Fall? Any quick recipes that you would like to share?

Take care, chat soon.






Food Diary


Hello Friends,

We had a few unexpected events happening here in addition to our packing and a big move. But for now I only got pictures for you. Since I still have my kitchen appliances available to use I photographed some of my recent meals (all gluten free, nut free and Paleo friendly).

IMG_20140317_134606Green smoothie and Tulips from my Hubby;)


I have been on eggs kick so omelettes and quiche are a must during a week

IMG_20140313_152928Love love love this one: Sweet potato & green pepper quiche

IMG_20140312_233116Rich in protein Tempeh stir fry with hemp seeds


Tofu scramble + tempeh bacon on a Portobello bun

IMG_20140317_134753Lentil chilli with kale


IMG_20140312_233017And of course desserts…

I seriously need to re-think my sugar consumption,,,I think it’s a little bit beyond my control- any advice how to survive a day without something sweet???

Hope you have a great weekend ahead. Take lots of rest and have fun. I am happy it finally stopped to snow here so that’s a big + already;)))

Take care guys,





Some recent meals and Super Powderful Chia Pudding recipe


Hello Friends,

How is your pre-Christmas preparation going?

I need to admit that since we started to look for a house I am not really thinking about upcoming holidays yet. Although we bought some gifts for kids, we had the Christmas Party with friends, and our Christmas tree is up but I need to Seriously think about my holiday dishes…and that part really didn’t happen yet…Scary.

But here are some on the go dinners that we had recently:


Plantain fries (my fv. recently)+ steamed veggies, tofu and a creamy hemp dressing


Backed salmon with sesame seeds, salad with pumpkin and balsamic dressing

And then when I went to teach my classes at night, early Santa arrived with these amazing GF vegan cupcakes straight from my client. I was shocked but really I can not complain. There are just wonderful. Tom is not allow to touch it, but we will see how it goes;)


but let’s go straight to buisness,

I have for you a delicious pudding recipe, that I am eating almost everyday now, with different variations. It’s a super healthy snack (or a breakfast) I love to eat it after my lunch with coffee and treat it as a dessert

Super Powerful Chia Pudding

very simple recipe so follow along

2 Tbs chia seeds

1 Tbs raw dark cacao powder

1c of milk (I used non dairy)

1 frozen banana (or cherries, berries whatever fruits you like)

1 Tbs coconut flakes

splash of cinnamon; (sweetener of you choice) splash of vanilla drops

First mash banana with the fork and mix with chia seeds, cacao powder and milk stir it together, let it sit for a while in a fridge then blend it in a food processor adding rest of ingredients=DONE



IMG_6427                IMG_6428

You just have to try this one, you won’t regret it. I promise.

Now tell me, do you have any easy and healthy recipes for the Holidays? Please share it with me, I don’t have much time to figure it out;)

Till next time, Take care guys,






Easy on your tummy vegan tempeh crock pot dish


How is your week so far?

I am trying to take it easy…


so far the only activity was walking the dog this morning. But I need to say it was pretty refreshing.

I am still trying to follow my new diet to heal my gut so on today’s menu: Vegan Tempeh crock pot dish


You will need:

1 block of tempeh & any veggies you would like

Marinate tempeh in 1 tbsp of gluten free Tamari, 1 tsp turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes.

Place on the bottom of your crock pot, add 1tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 c organic vegetable broth, and add remaining chopped veggies: celery, red. orange pepper; zucchini, asparagus, some garlic, kale leafs, parsley, carrots you name it. Cover and cook on High for 4 h. Sit down on the couch and relax.


I love my new friend (crock pot). The funny thing is that I didn’t know it even exists until my Chinese medicine guy told me about it. Meat, veggies everything is so tender and you don’t have to spend so much time in your kitchen. The only concern I have is that I can easily eat all my dish by myself. It’s so easy and I don’t feel so full after. So be careful;)!!!


After 4 hours it’s done. I added some fresh herbs, avocado and nutritional yeast, and maybe a little bit of hot sauce.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it.



I hit the ice…and a recovery bowl recipe


I fell and hit the ice really hard today. Just after this picture was taken…


Since we had a warm-ish, lovely Sunday, we decided to hit the ice and go skating. All the preparations were done, we went to buy new skates for me, came home-argued whether we should or should not take our dog with us. Finally we went across the street to the pond! 15 minutes is all it took for me.  I simply fell on my knee …I just could not believe how hard I hit the ice. I was crying like a baby; I couldn’t even pretend it was funny. Tom helped me to take my NEW SKATES off my feet and dragged me home. Icing Icing icing…I feel really helpless now. I can not really move and my bruised knee is “screaming” with pain..Hopefully I will be able to walk tomorrow and go to work.

I don’t like winter!

After I stopped biting my lips from the pain I started to plan our dinner with hope that Tom can do most of the work. I craved a rice bowl for a few days now- so here it is-(so simple your man can follow your directions when you are on the couch)

Recovery bowl to cheer me up.


I even gave him permission to take pictures today, and he did a pretty good job-don’t you think?

Recovery bowl

1 cup of cooked brown basmati rice

3-4 plum tomatoes

1 cup drained chickpea

1/2 cup chopped carrots (I added to the pot with rice when it was almost ready)

some red/orange chopped peppers

fresh parsley

Feel free to add any veggies you have in your fridge.

Tahini dressing

1/2 cup (raw) tahini butter

1 garlic clove, minced

1Tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar

1Tbsp Tamari

1Tbsp lemon juice

a bit of filtered water

pepper to taste

Prepare your dressing in a food processor, simple mix all the ingredients together until smooth and add to your bowl. Stir it and OMG-Enjoy!!!


My knee is still “killing me” but at least my tummy is satisfied.

Take care,



Accidents happen


and let’s say: I am OK with it.

 First of all, a few days I injured a muscle behind my knee. OMG- what a crappy feeling, not to be able to walk. The funniest part is that I really have no idea, when and how. After teaching my evening class on Tuesday I came back home and a few hours later my knee started to feel weird. Then I started to walk funny and on Wednesday morning I couldn’t put any weight on left foot. I still had to teach my morning class, even told my clients that if they see me doing anything they have my permission to yell at me, or throw a block at me. Later I cancelled the rest of my classes until Friday night.

Practice what you teach- and honoring my body is the best I could do at this point.

I know that almost everyone who works as an instructor or working out a lot at some point have to deal with injury but let me tell you it drove me crazy. I felt so helpless, so I was icing my knee and did nothing for 3 days. I had the best intention to check it with my doctor but I didn’t realize that my health card expired so I couldn’t really see him. Tip of the day:make sure yours is still valid…

So now I am a bit better, I still feel a pulling on my hamstring and can not really stretch my leg but I can step onto my foot and that’s a progress. Hope it will heal quickly so I can go back to my routines.

It’s really tricky how your mind works, how your body works and when something goes wrong how it shake us. Great life lesson that brings you back to basics that I repeat on each of my classes over and over again: listen to your body and honor it wherever you are in your practice right now.

So yeah, that was one thing that I am dealing with now.

On the same note (of accidents), I was making a smoothie a few days ago and I didn’t really have lots of options in my fridge so I just put a very ripe mango, 1 apple and the rest of the Greek yogurt and blended it. Holy smoke-how good was that. It came out as a mousse more than a smoothie but that’s OK. Please try this very tasty and refreshing Mango mousse.

 Hope you have a fabulous weekend.