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Accidents happen


and let’s say: I am OK with it.

 First of all, a few days I injured a muscle behind my knee. OMG- what a crappy feeling, not to be able to walk. The funniest part is that I really have no idea, when and how. After teaching my evening class on Tuesday I came back home and a few hours later my knee started to feel weird. Then I started to walk funny and on Wednesday morning I couldn’t put any weight on left foot. I still had to teach my morning class, even told my clients that if they see me doing anything they have my permission to yell at me, or throw a block at me. Later I cancelled the rest of my classes until Friday night.

Practice what you teach- and honoring my body is the best I could do at this point.

I know that almost everyone who works as an instructor or working out a lot at some point have to deal with injury but let me tell you it drove me crazy. I felt so helpless, so I was icing my knee and did nothing for 3 days. I had the best intention to check it with my doctor but I didn’t realize that my health card expired so I couldn’t really see him. Tip of the day:make sure yours is still valid…

So now I am a bit better, I still feel a pulling on my hamstring and can not really stretch my leg but I can step onto my foot and that’s a progress. Hope it will heal quickly so I can go back to my routines.

It’s really tricky how your mind works, how your body works and when something goes wrong how it shake us. Great life lesson that brings you back to basics that I repeat on each of my classes over and over again: listen to your body and honor it wherever you are in your practice right now.

So yeah, that was one thing that I am dealing with now.

On the same note (of accidents), I was making a smoothie a few days ago and I didn’t really have lots of options in my fridge so I just put a very ripe mango, 1 apple and the rest of the Greek yogurt and blended it. Holy smoke-how good was that. It came out as a mousse more than a smoothie but that’s OK. Please try this very tasty and refreshing Mango mousse.

 Hope you have a fabulous weekend.