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Time to give back – Yoga Jammy Jam at Lululemon


Christmas is one of these times during the year when we want to give back and support others in our community. So when my friend told me about a charity event that she is organizing it definitely grabbed my attention. Yesterday I attended Yoga Jammy Jam at Lululemon, a yoga class in support of a local Women’s shelter. We collected 36 pajamas for those who can not afford them on their own. Providing such a basic need as pajamas and giving them some comfort is the least what we can do. So I was happy to be there. In my previous job I worked closely with a Women’s shelter.. Even thou I am always up for some yoga this class felt just right in my heart.

Don’t ask what the world needs, ask yourself what makes you alive and do that. Because what the world needs is people who come alive.-Howard Thurman
This quot has stayed with me in the past week, maybe because I wish some things would be different but Yes, this is definitely the time to answer this question and be grateful for what we’ve got and that we’ve got that at all. Because others may not have it.

This brings me to the thought about being present and alive in each precious moment. How often we tend to forget about it. Being a yoga instructor I feel almost obligated to remind my self and others in my class of this approach.  Especially when we “get the pose” that we were aiming for …then the passiveness comes. We are all just human beings that get lazy when we are in our comfort zone. So starting from basics and being present on your mat when you do Worrior II a million times again and again how easy it’s not to be in this pose. And there you go: how you do anything is how you do everything in your life…
And we all know that, we all experience that, and we all don’t want to hang out with people like that…
What makes you smile?
What makes you love?
What makes you to wake up?
If you know the answers to these questions, commit to being alive and be that person. Share your positive energy with others and appreciate all good things that you have… even that you are well enough so you could make it to your mat today.

Sorry for a philosophical post, I am just in a mood;)
Have a wonderful day!