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Sunflower Bliss Bars


Short and sweet!

This weather makes my so tired. And when I am working in the evenings I do need a lot of motivation to get out from the house. These bars do a great job. Protein+fat+chocolate flavour=energy

Sunflower Bliss Bars

You will need:

1/2c sunflower seed butter

2 tbsp maple syrup

2 tbsp carob* powder

1/4 c hemp seeds

1/4 c coconut flakes

Start by blending sunflower butter with maple syrup until smooth. Add hemp seeds, coconut flakes and carob powder blend again until mixture becomes kind of like dough. Spread it on the plate and put into a freezer for a bit.

*carob powder-If u are allergic to chocolate (pure cacao) you can use carob instead. Carob doesn’t contain any caffeine or theobromine, two mild stimulants found in chocolate so it is a great alternative for chocolate substitutes. It’s a legume from the carob tree. It has similar texture and flavour to traditional chocolate. Carob is not as bitter as cocoa so if you are using carob instead of cacao in your recipe, you should cut down on your sweetener.

I don’t have problems with eating pure chocolate but I like using carob just to switch it up and to reduce sugar intake in my recipes.



Homemade chocolate with delicacies


I love and crave chocolate every afternoon. I love and eat nuts and seeds everyday. It can get pretty expensive after a while especially when two of us have the same cravings. Lets find a solution.

Homemade chocolate with delicacies

You will need:

1-2 pure chocolate bars from a bulk store

1tbsp of coconut oil

1 tbsp Maple syrup

any nuts or seeds you like.

Melt chocolate bars in coconut oil in the owen, when it gets soft add maple syrup and mix it until you get your melted chocolate. Pour on the baking paper and sprinkle with your delicacies:figs, raisins, sunflower seeds, almonds. Refrigerate for about one hour. Enjoy with your coffee.



Protein Apple Cinnamon Bars


How is your “getting back to the regular schedule” going? I found this week that after spoiling myself with sweets during the Christmas time, I am now craving them even more than before-so that’s bad news. The good news is that since we are back to regular life, Tom ate all my chocolates that I received as gifts, we can start to eat clean again. Well…at least we are trying.

I was searching for tasty recipes to satisfy my cravings. I found delicious protein bars from Bodybuilding website- tweak it a little bit and here it is (actually it’s gone already but at least no guilt what so ever).

Protein Apple Cinnamon Bars for your post workout mid-day snack (or if you are like me all day long snack)


½ cup of almond meal/flour

1 scoop of protein powder

You can taste it in your bar so make sure you like the taste of your powder. I choose the chocolate one.

2 egg whites

pinch of salt

1 tsp of cinnamon and nutmeg

1/2 cup of fat free cottage cheese

¼ cup of stevia + tbsp of Agave

1 shredded apple

1 tsp of baking powder

1tsp of vanilla

1 tsp of ground flax seed

Combine all the dry ingredients in one bowl and in a separate bowl mix:cottage cheese, apple, Agave, stevia, vanilla, egg whites, stir it together until well blended. Then pour wet mixture with the dry one, whisk until smooth. Bake at 350F in a prepared dish for about 30 minutes.