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Even if you are not a Yoga girl


… you will enjoy this video

Christmas craziness just arrived. We are going out on Saturday to a Christmas party with friends. For the past few years we’ve going to Tom’s work Christmas Party (since all the guys are work together) but this year I think we are starting a new tradition:home party. I am already getting email back and forth who is bringing what and to be honest I still didn’t decided what am I going to make. The thing is that I want to enjoy the evening without paying for it the next few days. So I want to bring something healthy.

Whenever the word “healthy food” comes up people automatically assume it’s going to be bland and not tasty… So obviously I am concern what can can be sweetand healthy but not scared others;)
Any ideas??? Please help
I am thinking about some kind of a side dish like a Tabbouleh salad or Rice pilaf and maybe a combination of the dessert?
Well I still have two days to decided. We are doing Kris Kringle presents so Tom and I did some shopping on the weekend, we have got this part done. Now his favorite part- packing the gifts. Also the deal is to wear something red…I bought red socks for Tom;).

Some eats from the past week

After my morning workouts I usually enjoy some Green Juice or take Smoothie On the Go

This one was: a bunch of kale leaves, 1 kiwi, 2 apples and 1/2 an organge.

I did have my very first attempt to make my low carb bread-turned out pretty weird in colour (I think chia seed and egg whites combination make the bread a bit green). It was good and I was proud of myself so let me try it one more time and this time I will take a picture before eating it;)
Today’s lunch was a pretty random salad:

Iceberg salad, red/green pepper, cherry tomatoes, scrambled egg+roasted squash (fries) with dressing: 1tbsp of Apple Vinegar and “Sabra” hummus-who would of guessed this can be actually pretty tasty…

I think I am in trouble: I MUST have a dessert every single day now,,,or you can call it an addiction to nut butter…so any kind of
nut butter+scoop of protein powder+some coconut flakes/a few dates will mix in to a tasty energy snack. The question is when do you stop eating them;)

It’s Thursday evening already so get ready for the weekend and enjoy your day!


PS. I used some Chakra guided meditation and it’s going pretty good so far.