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Notes from the week


Wow, another week is gone and it seems that I just talked to you guys. I don’t know if it’s just me but I am really worried that life is passing by…thank God I keep reminding myself to stay at the present moment on my mat…

Many of you know we celebrated The Intentional Women’s Day this week, big deal in Europe, here I find it is not so much. Still I got flowers from Tom that made me smile.

Tuesday I literally started with sunset. This time I went to my studio for a very short yoga practice on the CHCH morning live show. It was pretty fun to make my debut on TV …when I was half awake;)

I was napping quite a lot this week. Maybe it’s the weather constantly changing or I was simply tired overall. Sophie is always up for a nap as well.

I DON’T LIKE changes…out of nowhere my gym closed and I/we/ were left without a place to workout. So I missed my workouts and I don’t feel good about it. I liked my old gym, it had this semi-private atmosphere and we all knew each other. It was safe, cosy and in my comfort zone. Now what?

We took a tour today of another health club and it’s huge but really nicely renovated and organized . So since I don’t have any other options I will try out. It’s a bit further then the old one but the facility is really beautiful. They aimed for higher standard than a typical gym. I got 3 months free and two personal training sessions. I just need to get used to it and figure out how much time I need to get there and out of there to make it for my classes. Eh, life;) I will let you know how everything goes.

I didn’t take pictures of my eats this week, I guess I was really hungry;) but I will make it up for you next week.

Other than that, have a fabulous weekend. I am going bowling tomorrow night!!!