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Refreshing Salad with Feta and Parsley


Hello there,

Hope everything is well with you.

October just have started and I can not get enough the beauty of this Fall. Especially in my new neighborhood I don’t have to go far to see all the colorful leaves, acorns and chestnuts falling from the trees. Perfect weather to stay outside:

IMG_20141002_121332Either it’s a fun activity or house work…like sanding the old dining table;)



Yes, we are still continuing our home improvements. Although the kitchen is done (and it’s my dream kitchen-Thank you TOM!!!) there is lots of other things to do here. Slowly we are moving on with work, I am not even rushing anymore, I am trying to enjoy being here. Eventually I will gather all the pictures and give you a tour;)

In regards to my work now,  many changes,,,. And that as well is another story. I am doing lots of Personal Training now, got hired in a fitness studio very close to my house. I am also doing some administrative work for them too so it’s a process and it’s evolving, who knows where that will lead me. For now I am pretty happy. I was really exhausted with only teaching yoga and I needed more variety and balance. Both personal training, teaching yoga or even teaching boot camps (which I do as well) are mentally and physically draining. We give so much of our personal energy that’s very hard to have anything left for yourself. So my hope is that maybe now, when I am mostly in one place (I still have a few classes in my old studios), not driving that much it will be a little bit easier for me. Maybe;)))

But this post it’s supposed to be about something completely different;). Its been forever but here you go something refreshing, before summer is gone.

Refreshing Salad with Feta and Parsley

(gluten free, nut free)


1 pkg cherry tomatoes

2 small onions

100 g feta cheese

2 Tbs Olive oil+1 Tbsp lemon juice, salt/pepper

1/3 c chopped parsley

1/4 c roasted sunflower seeds


Wash, peel and chop tomatoes, onions and parsley add feta, pour olive oil and spices, sprinkle with roasted sunflower seeds. Refrigerate for at least 15 min before serving. Enjoy

So now you turn, how are you doing this Fall? Any quick recipes that you would like to share?

Take care, chat soon.






One-skillet meals in less than 20 min


Hi Friends,

So how was your week???

As promised I am back and I wanted to share with you my newest cooking secret( lol not really a secret).

You have so many options with the food you can combine that I will leave it up to you and your taste. Here are some of my recent choices:

(Paleo Friendly, gluten free, grain free)

IMG_6437IMG_6438BBQ chicken with veggies in tomato sauce and crackers

IMG_6440Lemon chicken, veggies, poached eggs

IMG_6443 IMG_6444

Spaghetti squash “pizza”

I know it may all look the same to you but it’s not, just the method is the same. So let’s just get straight to business.

Less than 20 min method;)))

Decide what do you wanna eat:you know which veggies you like, do you want to add some grains or starches and what kind of protein you would like to have with it.

I like my veggies soft so most likely I will steam them first for a few minutes but you can go ahead and saute them on the pan right away  for a few minutes, then add you protein and the last part: insert into the oven then BROIL for 7-10 min.

That’s the whole secret. Everything is coming out crispy and tasty. So I use this style of cooking pretty often nowadays. I am having lots of craving for poached eggs, veggies and warm food and it’s so simple this way.

Of course you see my spaghetti squash dish was also done 20 min but I made it ready on Sunday night to eat it during the week-please  keep this is mind that you need to be sometimes prepared especially on the busy day.

So try it and let me know if you have any questions,



Btw, what are you up to this weekend? Anything exciting???

My favorite meals of the week


Hello Friends,

I hope your week is fabulous so far and before Friday begins I want to share with you my last week cooking adventures.

I was very pleased with some of the meals that were pretty much last minute experiments:

All of them are Paleo friendly, grain free, dairy and gluten free


Gluten free wrap with BBQ tempeh, eggplant and lots of veggies


My absolute fav.: Turkey chili topped with Goat yogurt and avocado


My beloved BBQ Tofu, veggies, creamy dressing and plantain fries


Chorizo chicken with rice and cauliflower wraps

I have a crazy busy day at work tomorrow with no plans for dinner so if you have any ideas, Please share!!!

Talk to you soon,



Eggplant a’la Lasagna


Hi Guys,

As promised I have for you a new recipe that literally it’s worth to ” die for”

I wanted to try it before but first of all I am not an eggplant fun and second, each time I played with this vegetable it came out not too great. But I was tempted by seeing some pictures in a newspaper, unfortunately there wasn’t any recipe with it. So here you go-my own creation

Eggplant a’la Lasagna (gluten free, dairy , soy, grain free, Paleo friendly)


It required a little bit of preparation so I spread it out throughout  the day.

You will need (portion for 2)

Step 1.

0.7lb organic ground turkey

1 big Potrobello mushroom

onion or celery sticks if you like

Fry them together with 1Tbsp of coconut oil in the pan; allow to cool off completely. additional spices: salt&pepper, paprika and my fav. turmeric.

Step 2

I made my own but you need a thick tomato sauce. If you are making your own, do it ahead of time so there is not so much mess to clean up;)

Step 3

1 big eggplant

use  a sharp knife and cut your eggplant into thin slices; place on the counter , sprinkle with see salt and cover with paper towel for a few hours. This helps to remove excess water. After a while roast your eggplant in a oven for about 15 min. Check it often make sure it’s only to the point when it’s soft.

Step 4

prepared 1 cup of spinach + 1 cup non dairy cheese (I used Daiya -Mozzarella Style Shreds)

lots of basil, oregano, chilli pepper, black pepper, salt

Last Step 5

Preheat the oven to 400 F. In a lightly  greased baking dish place layers: eggplant-turkey-spinach, tomato sauce, cheese and start over again until you run out of ingredients. It will take from 45min-1h . But it’s soo worth it. I was honestly surprised, I could eat it all by myself. It was exactly what I needed: very cheesy, comfort dinner on a cold day.




Give it a try and your husband will love you forever and ever;)))

Have a beautiful day and take care,



Weekend Adventure and Blueberry Turkey Burgers


Hello friends,

How is this week for you? It got hot over here (again) and I can’t say I like it. But the weekend was beautiful, perfect weather for biking adventure. I was working a lot on Saturday but I promised that I will treat myself the next day with something fun and exciting.

After I finished my class, drove straight home and Tom was already waiting for me. We recently bought a bike rack and we both couldn’t wait to use it. We drove all the way to Toronto and parked at Humber Bay Shores Park. We took our bikes from the car and went for a bike ride along the lake. I can’t tell you how much joy and happiness it gave me. I love this area and often I dream I could live there… The Lakeshore is beautiful, lots of parks there, people are active and look like they love their life; everyone are biking, running, walking the dogs. You can really feel alive.

IMG_20130908_141504 IMG_20130908_140431

Obviously;) half way there we took short break for some yoga and stretch


Overall we did a little bit over 20 k. We both got hungry and it was time to get back. But next time we will get better in organizing it. I felt exhausted but Happy at the end of my day;)))

Back to business …I got for you very quick lunch/dinner idea today. My friend mentioned it to me a few weeks ago and it sparkled something in me. I had to try it:

Blueberry Turkey Burgers ( quick!!! gluten free, Paleo friendly)


1/3 c blueberries

1/2 lb organic white ground turkey

1 egg white

1-2 tbsp almond meal (or any flour)

spices: salt ,black pepper, tarragon, coriander, cumin

Transfer everything to a bowl and use your hands to mix it well. Make 1/2 inch thick patties. I used a little bit of spay oil to grease the foil and grill it for about 6 min on each side. Serve with crumbled feta on top any kind of salad of your choice with balsamic/Dijon/olive dressing.


IMG_6044 IMG_6047

That’s All. I hope you will try it.

Have a great rest of your week, till next time


Easy on your tummy vegan tempeh crock pot dish


How is your week so far?

I am trying to take it easy…


so far the only activity was walking the dog this morning. But I need to say it was pretty refreshing.

I am still trying to follow my new diet to heal my gut so on today’s menu: Vegan Tempeh crock pot dish


You will need:

1 block of tempeh & any veggies you would like

Marinate tempeh in 1 tbsp of gluten free Tamari, 1 tsp turmeric, cumin, cinnamon, black pepper, crushed red pepper flakes.

Place on the bottom of your crock pot, add 1tbsp Apple Cider Vinegar, 1/2 c organic vegetable broth, and add remaining chopped veggies: celery, red. orange pepper; zucchini, asparagus, some garlic, kale leafs, parsley, carrots you name it. Cover and cook on High for 4 h. Sit down on the couch and relax.


I love my new friend (crock pot). The funny thing is that I didn’t know it even exists until my Chinese medicine guy told me about it. Meat, veggies everything is so tender and you don’t have to spend so much time in your kitchen. The only concern I have is that I can easily eat all my dish by myself. It’s so easy and I don’t feel so full after. So be careful;)!!!


After 4 hours it’s done. I added some fresh herbs, avocado and nutritional yeast, and maybe a little bit of hot sauce.

Enjoy and let me know how you like it.



Apple fig salad



Guilt free dessert today

Apple fig salad

4 fresh figs

1 sliced apple

1/2 banana

1/2 c walnuts (or any nuts you like)

2Tbsp unsweetened coconut

1Tbsp Maple syrup (or honey if not vegan)

1/2 c non dairy yogurt (I used Almond dream)

Cut fruits into quarters. As much as I love apples I love them even more when they are warm so recently I started to microwave them for a min before serving. Stir the fruits, nuts, coconut and your sweetener together. Serve at once, topped with your yogurt. It was such a simple and delicious treat for me, hopefully you can enjoy it too.