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Weekend eats recap


The weekend was pretty slow this time but I enjoyed it. At least we had time to prepare our meals and eat them together.

To start off Saturday & Sunday we both enjoyed smoothies like this one here

Blueberry banana protein shake (banana, 1 c almond milk, scoop of chocolate protein powder, 1tbsp nut butter and 1 c of blueberries)

Saturday dinner: a gluten free pizza & zucchini pizza for an appetizer

Pizza was on a gluten free dough, bought in Whole Food (way better than a rice dough), tomato marinara and veggies, gluten free cheese for me and for Tom: salami with regular cheese

Dessert: Black bean brownies-yummy

We were hoping to get and eat in one of the vegan restaurants on Sunday but unfortunately the choices here are very limited and it was closed;(We end up eating in a Vietnamese restaurant and hmm…food looked great-take a look.

Mango rolls for an appetizer

Spicy vegetables for me

Tom had a Yellow lamb curry

but when you are used to eating healthy and mostly clean-this type of food doesn’t taste so good any more. There was a variety of choices. Just not too healthy ones. So yeah, I felt tired, sluggish for the rest of the day, my stomach was still hurting this morning. I just think it ‘s not worth it anymore. I guess I am done with unhealthy food;)

Have a great week guys and Stay warm,