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Just ordinary week


Whoa! The air is so crisp today. Walking the dog in my flip flops definitely made me chilly.

I love fall, especially after such a hot summer we had, it seems very refreshing to me. I can’t wait to see all the colours coming up. I find I need to switch my perspective on life from time to time. After stagnancy for a while I am finding my comfort zone and staying in the same spot for a long time. So Fall and Spring time makes me to think about some changes, ideas, and looking for something new. For the last week I am taking it to my mat as well. Some yoga poses are not challenging anymore or doesn’t give me the same benefits as it used to. So I am trying to dig deeper in my teaching and my personal practice.

I am repeating the same sequence all over again. Each time maybe by finding more engagement in my feet, core, shoulders or whatever is lacking in the same Triangle Pose (Trikonasana). I am looking for some new sensation there, deeper stretch, more heart expansion and so on. I highly recommend that practice from time to time just to rejuvenate your practice.

Besides that my week went very fast. Tom is working night shift so I can not count on any help from him. Everything is on my hands. Poor me;). Although Sophie doesn’t seem to complain and each morning I find this:

The good thing is that every night when he is gone I can put some music on and get creative in the kitchen. Make as much mess as I want to and I don’t have to explain that to anyone! I am trying to come up with my breakfasts and lunches a day before. In between classes I can just eat, change and go back to work again. Yesterday I played Nelly Furtado (don’t ask me why, I guess I have some sentimental issue for her or feminine music in general). I made Raw Vegetable Spring Rolls with Easy Peanut Sauce


You can combine all vegetables you have in the fridge. I put, red and yellow peppers, cucumber, zucchini, salad, and half avocado blended with 4-5 baby carrots, asparagus . Roll it into Rice paper.

For the Peanut Sauce:

the same amount of:

Peanut butter,

Apple Cider Vinegar

Sesame Oil and Maple Syrup. ( if you don’t want this to be too sweet reduce the amount of Maple Syrup). For one person 2 tbsp blend it well in a food processor. Refrigerate overnight.

Lesson learned after taking this picture: when you are taking a picture with some sauce on the plate, hmm spread it out nicely . Fancy lines around your meal would work better then just dumping a spoon of the sauce on the plate.

For quick and sweet breakfast: rice cake with peanut butter and dried figs on top. Yummy

For my afternoon coffee always goes with something sweet: Fig & Banana Bliss

½ cup of oats blended with a spoon of chocolate protein powder or cacao, add 1 tsp of vanilla. Refrigerate overnight, whenever you ready blend 1 frozen banana, 1-2 fresh figs, spoon of greek yogurt and raisins on top.

And what was your favorite dish this week?