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Pain pain please go away!!!


Hello my friends,

I am sorry for being away for the past week. I went through a big trauma and I am still recovering.
So…I had all my 4 wisdom teeth removed on Thursday. Honestly if I only knew what I will have to go though I would never do it. I was waiting for this procedure for 3 months and yes, I was stressing out but I thought I did a pretty good job with holding myself together maybe until an hour before the surgery. Then there was this whole preparation time where you are going there, waiting and then taking medication and hoping they will start working soon!!!=I thought that’s the worst
Well, no, that’s nothing compared to what’s after. I did mentally prepare for this day. I know I have ZERO resistance to
pain so I strongly believed that ” it will be all right”,”not so bad as they say” etc. I really don’t want to go into details with explaining to you the details. I do have horrible memories that I don’t want to recall.
After the operation Tom took me home and tried to be the best husband on the planet. He took care of me, prepared soups, applesauce and show me his patients when I was crying for 2 days and I was really bitchy to him. It’s the 5th day today and it’s a little bit better but still I can not function without painkillers. I am really swollen on my face and all I can do is gently move around the house.

I did not expect to have so much pain after the surgery and I did not know how frustrating it is…I cancelled all my classes and for now I am just trying to wait until the pain will be gone.
Pain pain please go away!!!

Tom sent me this teddy bear image when I was at home alone and if I only could-I would smile;)

Also Thank you Tomi for gluten free cupcakes that were soft enough and I could enjoy it yesterday