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Fall in (love with) New York


I just spent three amazing days in New York. I can’t even describe all wonderful things I saw and did there. The point is:

I am in love.

I have always wanted to go there and see this busy chaotic place, a symbol of USA’s economic power, so modern, ….huge huge diverse architecture and of course the newest trends. The drive was pretty short and sweet. We made it in 8 hours which is a pretty good record. After checked in in the hotel, we started to wonder around.

If you have big expectations there is always a risk that it will be a disappointing experience. But in this case, not even close. I am amazed how NY remind me of Europe which I have not expected at all. Coffee-gourmet shops, kiosks and flower shops on ever corner, humongous old tenements and churches between powerful high-rises. I can’t have enough of traffic on the street, noise, smelly sewers, horns and taxis.

The most important part- we haven’t used any transportation for last 3 days. We walked everywhere. In 3 days we did around 40K and I need to admit we haven’t have any energy for working out while vacationing. Although my legs hurt so much I surrendered myself with hip-openers and legs stretches at the end of ever day.

Even thou we walked all day long I still feel like I gained weight there. We couldn’t resist coffees, and brownies on the way. As I mentioned before I researched on healthy places to eat in and actually there were not hard to find. New Yorkers are definitely health conscious. Tons of places where you can find salads, vegetarian dishes-and it’s where we ate. Tom was a bit disappointed that almost every time we landed in such a place and not in an Indian or Chinese restaurant. But the truth is when the hunger was getting to us there was either fast food or healthy place on the way. Next time do your own research! I went through reviews of the vegan/vegetarian places and got them on my NY map. From those I found I actually managed to try just one – Energy Kitchen. Honestly I was not impressed. The salad was OK, not enough dressing and no washroom inside. Btw-there is a law in Canada that any place where you can eat needs to have a toilette inside – apparently there is no such law NY. Even Starbucks didn’t have washrooms in all their locations. This is of course the minus when you are walking all day long without access to your hotel room. My stomach was so so there, stressed out about the trip, food that we will be eating etc. didn’t give me vacation from bloating or pain, even thou I was feeding it with healthy food choices – almost ;), I guess it is what it is. Now that I am back I will have more control and maybe in a few days I will get back to my IBS “normality”.

We visited the most important tourists attractions of course. The Empire State Building was just in front of the hotel, The Rockefeller Centre, Time Square. We walked through Broadway back and fourth tons of times, World Trade Centre, Statue of Liberty and of course Central Park. But more fun was just wondering around, from the place to place, playing with photography and being between the crowd, energy of the city – was just inspiring.

Check out the gallery for more pictures. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you New York! You are wonderful. I will be back soon to continue my endless exploration.

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