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The Truth about me and a food diary


Hi guys,

I am sooo behind with my food updates, let’s  just quickly go over these delicious babies of mine.

IMG_5238Gluten free wrap+taco lentil stew with avocado, spaghetti squash, nutritional yeast and a hot sauce


Green smoothie is a must here: spinach, celery, 1/2 apple, banana, 1-2 dates


Walnut taco on a gluten free wrap+avocado, kale, asparagus and other veggies (and  hot sauce of course)


Collard wraps with some hummus and since I had nothing else at home some basic veggies

I did not capture my daily desserts but be sure that they are a huge part of my day.

Do I really eat wraps so often?

Am I addicted to Taco ????Whaaaaaaaaaat

This is what you get when you look at your meals. Maybe I am a taco lover right now. I think these spices just warm me up. The interesting thing is that each time I am sitting at the table to eat I am so excited like I wouldn’t eat it for a long time. That’s not bad I guess;)))

Anyway, I am rushing to work, now you tell me what;s on your plate recently?