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An “Ugly Sweater Christmas Party”









only dog cares


Enjoy  your week,


First Christmas Party of the Season


After yesterday I am so in a Christmas mood. Ready to get my Christmas decoration out of the box and display them around the house, watch Christmas movies and listen to carols. I am usually very careful with not decorating my house too early because I don’t want to get sick of these decorations before even Christmas Day arrive. But I think it’s just about time to start.

Although I was tired by the time we got there, the party was so much fun. I woke up at 6 am to teach a class then I was running errands and finally I spent a few hours preparing food.

When the presents where wrapped and ready:

I made Quinoa and Avocado Tabbouleh Verrines (thanks to Leanne for the inspiration!)

My friends loved it and it was the first step to break the myth about vegan cuisine…

My Kale Chips were a hit too:

They disappeared so fast.

I also brought Raw Vegan Brownies:

And Coconut Balls

But there was so much more food and it was impossible not to over eat.

I was happy with what the Santa brought me. You can not go wrong with a Lululemon Gift card for a yoga teacher;)

Every girl got a French braid at some point

and “family”: picture at the end:

When too many photos are taken at the same time it’s hard to get people to look at your own camera;)
Today I don’t feel like doing anything,,,we are just chilling all Sunday at our house, enjoying the rest day.

Have a relaxing Sunday night guys,



Even if you are not a Yoga girl


… you will enjoy this video

Christmas craziness just arrived. We are going out on Saturday to a Christmas party with friends. For the past few years we’ve going to Tom’s work Christmas Party (since all the guys are work together) but this year I think we are starting a new tradition:home party. I am already getting email back and forth who is bringing what and to be honest I still didn’t decided what am I going to make. The thing is that I want to enjoy the evening without paying for it the next few days. So I want to bring something healthy.

Whenever the word “healthy food” comes up people automatically assume it’s going to be bland and not tasty… So obviously I am concern what can can be sweetand healthy but not scared others;)
Any ideas??? Please help
I am thinking about some kind of a side dish like a Tabbouleh salad or Rice pilaf and maybe a combination of the dessert?
Well I still have two days to decided. We are doing Kris Kringle presents so Tom and I did some shopping on the weekend, we have got this part done. Now his favorite part- packing the gifts. Also the deal is to wear something red…I bought red socks for Tom;).

Some eats from the past week

After my morning workouts I usually enjoy some Green Juice or take Smoothie On the Go

This one was: a bunch of kale leaves, 1 kiwi, 2 apples and 1/2 an organge.

I did have my very first attempt to make my low carb bread-turned out pretty weird in colour (I think chia seed and egg whites combination make the bread a bit green). It was good and I was proud of myself so let me try it one more time and this time I will take a picture before eating it;)
Today’s lunch was a pretty random salad:

Iceberg salad, red/green pepper, cherry tomatoes, scrambled egg+roasted squash (fries) with dressing: 1tbsp of Apple Vinegar and “Sabra” hummus-who would of guessed this can be actually pretty tasty…

I think I am in trouble: I MUST have a dessert every single day now,,,or you can call it an addiction to nut butter…so any kind of
nut butter+scoop of protein powder+some coconut flakes/a few dates will mix in to a tasty energy snack. The question is when do you stop eating them;)

It’s Thursday evening already so get ready for the weekend and enjoy your day!


PS. I used some Chakra guided meditation and it’s going pretty good so far.