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Christmas Summary


How are you doing bloggies after Christmas craziness? I am doing pretty OK compared to last year’s recovery but still I had some digestive issues along way. It took me two pretty stressful days to prepare the food but yeah it was worth it overall.

Eats list:

Greek fish


cabbage stew

kutia (ground poppyseed with nuts and honey)

meat loaf

vegan lentil loaf

Tabbouleh salad

beets salad

traditional cheesecake ( I think this was the last time I made it. After a few pieces I felt really bad and apparently my body can not handle it anymore)

We had a lovely dinner on the Christmas Eve with my in laws. Everyone made something so there was lots of food to choose from. I forgot to take a picture of the table;( The dinner was followed by opening presents and just spending time together.

After coming back Sophie got her gift too. I made her Peanut Butter Muffins and here is her new best friend

On the Christmas Day we relaxed at our home for half a day – doing absolutely nothing. How nice is that? I spent some time with myself practicing in the morning and then I was working on a surprise for you guys (stay tuned!) later on another visit and another dinner;)