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Chakra Vinyasa weekend


Hello beautiful Bloggies,

This past weekend officially blown my mind. I spend 3 days surrounded with other yogis listening, practicing and learning about Chakra Vinyasa during Maria Garre’s Teacher Training. I missed days like that a lot. I knew a few people at the training already so I wasn’t completely alone.

To be honest I have no idea how am I going to digest all this knowledge now so I am just gonna sit on this and wait. Chakra Vinyasa is one of many modules of Prana Flow TT founded by Shiva Rea.

It’s a pretty complicated process although everything does beautifully comes together in the end and practicing it feels amazing. I won’t get into deep details but just to give you some idea.

Prana Flow philosophy is all about “the universal force” that’s behind every action, movement that we see and feel in the nature and within our bodies. Every breath that we take, every thought we have, every heartbeat we feel is caused by this “all knowing intelligent life force Prana”,

When Prana comes into play there is an energy rising and moving within our bodies. This philosophy is based on Chakra System (Muladhara, Svadhisthana, Manipura, Anahata, Vishuddha, Ajna, Sahasrara Chakra and 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, Space); it teaches us how to experience vinyasa. Our breath is a vehicle to Prana so we can embody consciousness and “flow of life”.

I know that it may sound abstractive to you so I will stop here but believe me if you are a yoga practitioner try it out and you will be hooked.

For more info check out Shiva Ree or Maria Garre websites:



Very inspiring women.

We went through a pretty intensive training with yoga practices and in between there was meditation. And as much as I love this practice I was truly amazed that I actually loved the meditation part as well. Someone forced me to meditate 4 times in 2 days…loved it. And now I miss it…so I think one of my New Year’s resolutions will be bringing more meditation to my life.