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Christmas Summary


How are you doing bloggies after Christmas craziness? I am doing pretty OK compared to last year’s recovery but still I had some digestive issues along way. It took me two pretty stressful days to prepare the food but yeah it was worth it overall.

Eats list:

Greek fish


cabbage stew

kutia (ground poppyseed with nuts and honey)

meat loaf

vegan lentil loaf

Tabbouleh salad

beets salad

traditional cheesecake ( I think this was the last time I made it. After a few pieces I felt really bad and apparently my body can not handle it anymore)

We had a lovely dinner on the Christmas Eve with my in laws. Everyone made something so there was lots of food to choose from. I forgot to take a picture of the table;( The dinner was followed by opening presents and just spending time together.

After coming back Sophie got her gift too. I made her Peanut Butter Muffins and here is her new best friend

On the Christmas Day we relaxed at our home for half a day – doing absolutely nothing. How nice is that? I spent some time with myself practicing in the morning and then I was working on a surprise for you guys (stay tuned!) later on another visit and another dinner;)



Challenging the tradition


Since I faced so many changes in my diet in the past year I am in a state of confusion on how I should move forward with my home Christmas tradition this year. Let’s face it-Polish cuisine is not really healthy, or light. It’s pretty damn heavy and fatty. Although if you really think about it- most of traditional foods are vegetarian. Especially The Christmas Eve dinner is meat free (in the Polish tradition anyways). But what is on the table for the next few days is a different story…Usually I would give myself a break from healthy food during the holidays but then again I’ll suffer,,,and have this tremendous guilt:why did I eat that if I knew it will make me sick…

I am positive that I am not the only one that has this feeling afterwords. What is different that my belly is extremely sensitive even with foods that are healthy e.i. cabbage, beans or whole grain products. So now I have 2 more days to figure it all out. I already decided not to make croquettes with cabbage and mushrooms (although I miss them) or any heavy similar dishes.

So how does it all looks like?

Traditional all the family is gathering on the Christmas Eve for dinner with (12…)fasting meals on the table. It has to be a big family thou;) Everyone should try at least a little bit of each dish. We serve: fasting borscht from red beets with dumplings, croquettes or/pirogues with cabbage and mushrooms, all kinds of fish, kutia (with poppyseed), cooked beets, anything that is made with cabbage again;), vegetable salads, sauerkraut and so on. On that night we exchange gifts, sing carols and the fun part starts and last for the next two long days. On the second and third day we would serve all kinds of meat dishes. There is a lot of little customs to add to it: we won’t start the dinner until the first star come up, there is always an extra plate on the table for anyone who is homeless or lonely and would come knocking on your door. I do love Christmas and all these traditions, obviously nowadays it’s hard to follow all of them (especially if it’s not in your homeland) but let’s keep it simple and what’s most important let’s enjoy this special time of the year.

We are going to my in laws so Thank God I don’t have to do everything by myself but still during this special time you want to eat something that is festive. I will try my best to customize Tom’s & my diet. I will try not to overeat this year and not to freak out if I do;). As a Christmas present I will make my husband happy with some meat loaf and cabbage stew and traditional cheesecake. (I truly believe if I won’t make it they will kick my out from the family;) And it’s all for you honey!

I need to get back to my kitchen now but I just wish you all Merry Christmas and a Happy & Healthy New Year!!!

with love