And so this began


Happy New Year one more time my friends,

I hope you had a fantastic start of the new 2014; it will be a short and sweet version how was MY NEW Year’s Eve ( in pictures)




Happy Hubby-love this smile


starting with an almost clean diet too;) desserts are not included here


New spiralizer in action..


Lime chicken soup for very cold winter days here,

Hope you have a great week so far,

till next time,



Happy New Year 2014!!!





Just wanted to check in with you guys before the party will start;

I wish you All the best in the New Year 2014; I hope all your wishes will become true and it will be a healthy,full of love and kindness time  for you,




see you next year and have fun tonight!!!

Some recent meals and Super Powderful Chia Pudding recipe


Hello Friends,

How is your pre-Christmas preparation going?

I need to admit that since we started to look for a house I am not really thinking about upcoming holidays yet. Although we bought some gifts for kids, we had the Christmas Party with friends, and our Christmas tree is up but I need to Seriously think about my holiday dishes…and that part really didn’t happen yet…Scary.

But here are some on the go dinners that we had recently:


Plantain fries (my fv. recently)+ steamed veggies, tofu and a creamy hemp dressing


Backed salmon with sesame seeds, salad with pumpkin and balsamic dressing

And then when I went to teach my classes at night, early Santa arrived with these amazing GF vegan cupcakes straight from my client. I was shocked but really I can not complain. There are just wonderful. Tom is not allow to touch it, but we will see how it goes;)


but let’s go straight to buisness,

I have for you a delicious pudding recipe, that I am eating almost everyday now, with different variations. It’s a super healthy snack (or a breakfast) I love to eat it after my lunch with coffee and treat it as a dessert

Super Powerful Chia Pudding

very simple recipe so follow along

2 Tbs chia seeds

1 Tbs raw dark cacao powder

1c of milk (I used non dairy)

1 frozen banana (or cherries, berries whatever fruits you like)

1 Tbs coconut flakes

splash of cinnamon; (sweetener of you choice) splash of vanilla drops

First mash banana with the fork and mix with chia seeds, cacao powder and milk stir it together, let it sit for a while in a fridge then blend it in a food processor adding rest of ingredients=DONE



IMG_6427                IMG_6428

You just have to try this one, you won’t regret it. I promise.

Now tell me, do you have any easy and healthy recipes for the Holidays? Please share it with me, I don’t have much time to figure it out;)

Till next time, Take care guys,






Tips how to manage your stress


Hello Friends,

How is your week? I hope you are doing great especially that we have weekend ahead.

As I told you last week we are on the hunt for a new house and as much as this is an exciting thing to do it can create lots of tension and stress. Since The Holiday season has already started I thought I will share with you some of my personal tips how to manage stress.

1. Nourish yourself with a well combined meals. Balanced healthy diet is very important not only for your physical body but also it can affect your stress level and your overall health. Good nutrition is even more important for stressed busy people!!! Healthy eating is easier than you think and it’s yummy;)


Spaghetti squash with steamed veggies, pumpkin seeds, salmon and pumpkin oil

2. Daily activity and exercise: even 30 minutes of walking is better than nothing. Sport has a beneficial effect not only on the health and our bodies, but also our state of mind. You can choose any type of exercise you like: strength training, running, biking, walking, swimming, dancing but do something that will take you mind away from your worries.

3. Practice yoga and meditation. I can not express that enough… even short relaxation techniques and focus on the breath can strengthen the body and calm the mind. Meditation and yoga is like a daily hygiene for you body and mind.

4. Do something you love:read a book, dance in your kitchen, listen to the music, paint or what helps me – cook something good. Remember it’s all about expressing your emotion and allowing the mind to drift away…


Apple almond chocolate chip muffins

5. Take a nice long bath with essential oils to further stimulate the senses. Such prepared moment of peace certainly pays off a deep relaxation.

6. Finally-talk to someone, don’t isolate yourself from family and friends.Even short coffee with a friend or a phone call can make your day better. Trust me I have a huge tendency to hide myself from people when I am feeling down and this just doesn’t work. Waiting until you will feel better to call your friend it’s not a way to go…I love to lie down in bed and talk/laugh with Tom at the end of the day, that helps me a lot. Thank you Hubby

7. When you feel really stressed out, try a short nap. Sleep can work wonders.

8. And the last but not the least:sit down, take a breath and ask yourself if it’s worth to stress out over it. It will pass overall. If you don’t believe me, write it down and check your notes at the end of the week,,,you will be amazed.

And what are your tips to stay stress free-please share?

Have a beautiful weekend,




Updates and some meals


Hi Friends,

It’s been awhile since my last post but I am still here everyday. I just don’t have much to talk about, I have not been feeling well for last weeks and we “kind off” are looking for a house right now so stress is overwhelming. This upcoming weekend we are going to see a couple more houses again and we are going to the Baptism Ceremony on Sunday.

I want a new house but the decision came out of nowhere and I am not sure if I am ready for it at this moment. We were planning to look for a new place in a future so from time to time we were checking listings and before I know it Tom is bombarding me with 5 houses per day to check.

Anyways, we will see what happens, if it’s meant to be I am sure we will find our dream home but I am trying to stay calm and not to freak out too soon;)

I didn’t take pictures of my recent meals, I captured  just these two but they were pretty tasty and most important very very fast. Take a look:


Veggies + bbq tempeh bowl with coconut bacon. It was my first time trying the “bacon” and it turned out great.


Tofu scramble with veggies, fried egg and avocado– it was just delicious and super quick.

I feel unsettled in general that’s why it hard for me to gather any thoughts for you and post something here but I will try to be better and get some peace with mind.

Take care for now,



I am a foodie


no questions about it. Recent weeks has been crazy for me. No time for being bored. Sometimes I feel like I run through my days without even realizing what day/week is it. The only time that I am actually stopping to enjoy the present moment is when I am cooking or when I am teaching my classes.

Here you have some of my recent creations. I loved them all and enjoyed every bite of it. (All of them are gluten free)

Butternut squash,  steamed veggies and bbq tofu bowl


Plantain fries, BBQ organic chicken breast, steamed veggies with Dijon-Balsamic Vinegar



Eggplant rolls with organic ground turkey, spinach and tomato marinara sauce 

IMG_20131024_150147 I was experimenting with this one, next time I will make notes and share the recipe. I tried to recreate PB chocolate bars from out trip to Ottawa. I think I did a pretty good job with these ones.


I called this one: NO time for cooking a quick salad with eggs /bacon and guacamole on top


Spicy tomato and roasted pepper soup with kelp noodles and tofu


My fav. roasted veggies with organic chicken legs, tomato sauce and eggs and Daiya cheese

There has been more obviously but often I am forgetting to take pictures. I hope some of it makes you feel hungry. Go and play in the kitchen.

It’s my favorite part.

Enjoy your day Everybody,