Poland vacation 2014


Hello Friends,

I really meant to blog on a regular basis but I didn’t. I won’t lie that I was too busy nevertheless I needed to step back for a while. Too many things in my mind and I didn’t want to force myself to write.

We just came back from vacation this week. We had a great time there although the weather sucks really. But I did gain some peace of mind and that what matters the most.

We spent almost 3 weeks visiting my family & friends. We had to travel a little bit around the country. We went for another wedding. My beautiful cousin was getting married and of course we had a blast. I am saying “of course” since Polish weddings are the best in the world!!!! and you will only understand why if you ever go to one of them. I think we went to our room around 4.30am slept till 11am and the next day party began at 12pm.Unfortunately I didn’t take any pictures so now I am waiting for the official pics. From there we came to my parents house, my hometown, and we stayed there for 2 weeks. Yeah, sometimes it’s hard to be with each other all the time;) but when you visit once a year we tried to embrace every day we have with each other.


My best friend there, I am missing her like crazy….


With the food. ..I gained some weight (blah)I tried my best to stay gluten free but when you visit and sit at the table so many times per week it’s hard to keep portion control but whatever I am looking forward to get back to my routine. Again, no pictures taken But it was so so nice when my mom and my grandmother finally cooked for me!!!!

We took some trip here and there. We went to a gold mine with my dad. We hoped to go for a hike but as I said the weather was not too great. We also went to Dresden (Germany) with Tom. It was a great idea. Beautiful city, very European like with just gorgeous old city.


lol, I am usually catching myself when I behave like my mom or even say things the way she would say it but this time I noticed so many similarities to my dad-wow- now I get everything;)))

Do you feel the same way?Are you like your parents?

IMG_20140818_211349The sunset in Dresden…

And now we are back, I need to admit I am a bit happy to be in our new house but also sad that time is flying so fast especially on vacation.

I think I am getting old, I used to have no problems with switching the time zones, now I struggle during the flight and then my first week is so hard. I am not mentioning even our 15 h “nap” after we came home -hahahaha

Anyway, now it’s time to find the routine again. I have my kitchen almost set so hopefully some recipes are on your way.

How was your summer???

Take care guys




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