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The big move and lots of changes


Hello Friends,

I feel almost ashamed that I left you for so long but believe me I have a lot of great excuses.

My life changed in a past few months. First we were both really busy with packing our house and getting ready to move out. In the same time I had my final exams for personal training certification (which I passed yupi!) I need to say that it was a really emotional time for me, so many memories were in this house . Even thou I was super excited and I was really looking forward to the  change, you know sometimes too many changes at the same time can be very overwhelming.

That what happen to me. On our moving day we had some issues with taking over the property and I don’t even want to go into the details but this was not what we expected/ Basically for a day we were homeless with the truck full of furniture…After 24h of “not knowing” what will happen we got the keys and the whole move began. Then we were trying to settle, get used to the new space and create some kind of the new routines. Even our dog was confused for a first few days. I had to organize my work again. Places were I am working are really far right now and driving so long for a single class just doesn’t make any sense.I had to let go some of them already ;(At the same time I got a new job as a personal trainer in a fitness studio. And I am very excited to be there. It looks like it’s a great place with lots of opportunities in the future but we will see. For now I am doing my best to get as many clients as I can so I can switch from other studios and be close to home.

You know already that I have to have routines to feel safe for now I am out of any ;)I am trying not to freak out about it.I love our new place. Yes, there is so much work… and we are under the construction since we moved in but still the neighborhood and this view on my backyard every morning make it worth it.


The first week, maybe two felt a little bit weird. I couldn’t find place for myself but one morning I went for a run and I saw this:

IMG_20140508_165242  IMG_20140508_165201

I always wanted to be close to the lake and now we are, it’s so beautiful and fresh. Finally I felt happy about this change.

About the construction: we wanted to change the kitchen cabinets, paint and open up 2 walls since it was pretty small. From this project it move into taking out the ceiling, changing the dry walls, floor tiles and who knows what else. Sometimes you can’t plan everything…

We don’t have the kitchen for last 3 weeks and I am not sure when it’s gonna end so we are on the BBQ and take out diet which (after a few days) sucks. When Tom is working hard on our dream kitchen I am trying to do other stuff around the house, painting the rooms etc but for now nothing has it’s own place yet…It’s hard to think about decoration when there is dust, dirt and shavings everywhere. But we will get there eventually.

Thank God for my patience, now I am even more convinced that my Hubby needs to do Yoga to handle all this stress ( I think he slowly starts seeing it too).

If we ever get to the point that this place resembles our home I will share more pics with you.

So please forgive me for not being regular here but it’s just crazy. I will try my best to keep you posted what’s happening with my job, the kitchen project so cross your fingers.

Hope you are enjoying the Summer- that’s finally here. I just love it. I was so tired of Canadian winter this year.

I am constantly looking for new ideas, inspiration and projects how to decor the house so if you have anything interesting please share.

For now take care guys and Thank you for your patience;)