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Food Diary


Hello Friends,

We had a few unexpected events happening here in addition to our packing and a big move. But for now I only got pictures for you. Since I still have my kitchen appliances available to use I photographed some of my recent meals (all gluten free, nut free and Paleo friendly).

IMG_20140317_134606Green smoothie and Tulips from my Hubby;)


I have been on eggs kick so omelettes and quiche are a must during a week

IMG_20140313_152928Love love love this one: Sweet potato & green pepper quiche

IMG_20140312_233116Rich in protein Tempeh stir fry with hemp seeds


Tofu scramble + tempeh bacon on a Portobello bun

IMG_20140317_134753Lentil chilli with kale


IMG_20140312_233017And of course desserts…

I seriously need to re-think my sugar consumption,,,I think it’s a little bit beyond my control- any advice how to survive a day without something sweet???

Hope you have a great weekend ahead. Take lots of rest and have fun. I am happy it finally stopped to snow here so that’s a big + already;)))

Take care guys,





Recent eats and big news


Hi Friends,

Hope you have a wonderful weekend. I am just relaxing on my couch right now after consuming a huge pizza this afternoon. We have been insanely busy lately and I didn’t do much cooking. Our dinners were quick and on the go pretty much. The news is: finally we bought The House!!!

That’s a big deal for us, as you may know we were looking for a house since December. It is a nerve wracking experience. It’s nice to checking out any new houses on the market etc. but when you actually decide to put the offer on the house – this is “where the party starts”. After few weeks of  negotiations we finally got it. This week we put our house on the market. Obliviously the whole situation it’s stressful- we were worrying  if we can actually sell in on time. The deal it’s not done but we are almost there. It requires some extra paper work. Hopefully I can finally start to live my life. This week we had lots of viewing and everything was focusing on keeping the house clean and making sure we take off with the dog when people are coming over. So now I think we will slowly move onto the “packing up” stage. I can not even imagine that but it’s good. I will miss my house terribly but I believe it is a good moment for this change to happen and both Tom and I need it.

I will keep you posted. I am pretty sure I will get into a decorating mode soon;)))

And here are some recent eats.

tempehLoveIt doesn’t look like it but it’s a tempeh quiche & broccoli detox salad. Oh man, what can I say. If you ever are coming over to my house-request this quiche. I am confident I found finally a right proportions. It’s gluten free and Paleo friendly as usually.

IMG_20140308_085555IMG_20140308_085705I was craving a burger for a while, So here it: plantain bread, organic store bought mushroom burger with a spicy red pepper & basil sauce (inspired by purelytwins). Great combo – easy and no mess after ;))

chocoI made my own chocolate bar sprinkled with almonds and hemp seed a few days ago.

That’s all I’ve got for you today. If you have any tips how to survive the move and packing please let me know. I need to prepared for it…

Take care for now and have an awesome week.

Btw we still have winter here: