Happy Valentine’s Day



Hello Everybody,

It’s been ages….I know;( but since it’s Valentine’s Day I hope you forgive me.

After all I was just lying to myself that If I won’t get distracted with blogging I get more stuff done….well it didn’t really happen so I am back to blogging. My apology.

Month of January was pretty eventful for us and probably for the next few posts I will be catching up with that. Just to give you a quick overview:

I went for a very entertaining girls get away for my friend’s Bachelorette Party. We had so much fun during this weekend It was a celebration for me too since It was my Bday weekend. I treated myself with some extra stuff;)))

IMG_20140117_180715 IMG_20140118_095952 photo(1)

Then there was my friend’s wedding….It was the most beautiful weeding that I have even been too. I just simple loved it. Magda is a great organizer and she planned to the last detail. Besides they are our very close friends and I was touched by their happiness and that it finally happened. We all were waiting for this weeding for 1,5 years ( since they got engaged).

Magda&Artur115_nHer dream was to have a real Winter Wonderland Wedding and indeed her dream came true.

Other than that

Delicious Food, hot yoga, busy life, looking for a house, and winter winter winter, a real Winter here….

I have never experienced such a harsh Winter time, It’s really annoying and It’s easy to get moody, loose motivation, get depressed And I am not stop cold-literally.


That squash soup was fantastic


Thank God for warm comfort food. (I have an extra posts for u ready about recent meals).

In short that will be January. I promise to be back and be more regular now.

For now, enjoy your Valentine’s Weekend -any plans????Do tell













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