Some recent meals and Super Powderful Chia Pudding recipe


Hello Friends,

How is your pre-Christmas preparation going?

I need to admit that since we started to look for a house I am not really thinking about upcoming holidays yet. Although we bought some gifts for kids, we had the Christmas Party with friends, and our Christmas tree is up but I need to Seriously think about my holiday dishes…and that part really didn’t happen yet…Scary.

But here are some on the go dinners that we had recently:


Plantain fries (my fv. recently)+ steamed veggies, tofu and a creamy hemp dressing


Backed salmon with sesame seeds, salad with pumpkin and balsamic dressing

And then when I went to teach my classes at night, early Santa arrived with these amazing GF vegan cupcakes straight from my client. I was shocked but really I can not complain. There are just wonderful. Tom is not allow to touch it, but we will see how it goes;)


but let’s go straight to buisness,

I have for you a delicious pudding recipe, that I am eating almost everyday now, with different variations. It’s a super healthy snack (or a breakfast) I love to eat it after my lunch with coffee and treat it as a dessert

Super Powerful Chia Pudding

very simple recipe so follow along

2 Tbs chia seeds

1 Tbs raw dark cacao powder

1c of milk (I used non dairy)

1 frozen banana (or cherries, berries whatever fruits you like)

1 Tbs coconut flakes

splash of cinnamon; (sweetener of you choice) splash of vanilla drops

First mash banana with the fork and mix with chia seeds, cacao powder and milk stir it together, let it sit for a while in a fridge then blend it in a food processor adding rest of ingredients=DONE



IMG_6427                IMG_6428

You just have to try this one, you won’t regret it. I promise.

Now tell me, do you have any easy and healthy recipes for the Holidays? Please share it with me, I don’t have much time to figure it out;)

Till next time, Take care guys,






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