Tips how to manage your stress


Hello Friends,

How is your week? I hope you are doing great especially that we have weekend ahead.

As I told you last week we are on the hunt for a new house and as much as this is an exciting thing to do it can create lots of tension and stress. Since The Holiday season has already started I thought I will share with you some of my personal tips how to manage stress.

1. Nourish yourself with a well combined meals. Balanced healthy diet is very important not only for your physical body but also it can affect your stress level and your overall health. Good nutrition is even more important for stressed busy people!!! Healthy eating is easier than you think and it’s yummy;)


Spaghetti squash with steamed veggies, pumpkin seeds, salmon and pumpkin oil

2. Daily activity and exercise: even 30 minutes of walking is better than nothing. Sport has a beneficial effect not only on the health and our bodies, but also our state of mind. You can choose any type of exercise you like: strength training, running, biking, walking, swimming, dancing but do something that will take you mind away from your worries.

3. Practice yoga and meditation. I can not express that enough… even short relaxation techniques and focus on the breath can strengthen the body and calm the mind. Meditation and yoga is like a daily hygiene for you body and mind.

4. Do something you love:read a book, dance in your kitchen, listen to the music, paint or what helps me – cook something good. Remember it’s all about expressing your emotion and allowing the mind to drift away…


Apple almond chocolate chip muffins

5. Take a nice long bath with essential oils to further stimulate the senses. Such prepared moment of peace certainly pays off a deep relaxation.

6. Finally-talk to someone, don’t isolate yourself from family and friends.Even short coffee with a friend or a phone call can make your day better. Trust me I have a huge tendency to hide myself from people when I am feeling down and this just doesn’t work. Waiting until you will feel better to call your friend it’s not a way to go…I love to lie down in bed and talk/laugh with Tom at the end of the day, that helps me a lot. Thank you Hubby

7. When you feel really stressed out, try a short nap. Sleep can work wonders.

8. And the last but not the least:sit down, take a breath and ask yourself if it’s worth to stress out over it. It will pass overall. If you don’t believe me, write it down and check your notes at the end of the week,,,you will be amazed.

And what are your tips to stay stress free-please share?

Have a beautiful weekend,




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