Updates and some meals


Hi Friends,

It’s been awhile since my last post but I am still here everyday. I just don’t have much to talk about, I have not been feeling well for last weeks and we “kind off” are looking for a house right now so stress is overwhelming. This upcoming weekend we are going to see a couple more houses again and we are going to the Baptism Ceremony on Sunday.

I want a new house but the decision came out of nowhere and I am not sure if I am ready for it at this moment. We were planning to look for a new place in a future so from time to time we were checking listings and before I know it Tom is bombarding me with 5 houses per day to check.

Anyways, we will see what happens, if it’s meant to be I am sure we will find our dream home but I am trying to stay calm and not to freak out too soon;)

I didn’t take pictures of my recent meals, I captured  just these two but they were pretty tasty and most important very very fast. Take a look:


Veggies + bbq tempeh bowl with coconut bacon. It was my first time trying the “bacon” and it turned out great.


Tofu scramble with veggies, fried egg and avocado– it was just delicious and super quick.

I feel unsettled in general that’s why it hard for me to gather any thoughts for you and post something here but I will try to be better and get some peace with mind.

Take care for now,




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