I am a foodie


no questions about it. Recent weeks has been crazy for me. No time for being bored. Sometimes I feel like I run through my days without even realizing what day/week is it. The only time that I am actually stopping to enjoy the present moment is when I am cooking or when I am teaching my classes.

Here you have some of my recent creations. I loved them all and enjoyed every bite of it. (All of them are gluten free)

Butternut squash,  steamed veggies and bbq tofu bowl


Plantain fries, BBQ organic chicken breast, steamed veggies with Dijon-Balsamic Vinegar



Eggplant rolls with organic ground turkey, spinach and tomato marinara sauce 

IMG_20131024_150147 I was experimenting with this one, next time I will make notes and share the recipe. I tried to recreate PB chocolate bars from out trip to Ottawa. I think I did a pretty good job with these ones.


I called this one: NO time for cooking a quick salad with eggs /bacon and guacamole on top


Spicy tomato and roasted pepper soup with kelp noodles and tofu


My fav. roasted veggies with organic chicken legs, tomato sauce and eggs and Daiya cheese

There has been more obviously but often I am forgetting to take pictures. I hope some of it makes you feel hungry. Go and play in the kitchen.

It’s my favorite part.

Enjoy your day Everybody,




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