Fall escape to Ottawa


Hello Friends,

I hope you had an amazing weekend as I did. Finally we had a chance to get away for a weekend. We were having problems with the decision this time but at the last minute we decided to go to Ottawa and check out the city. I was looking forward to this trip for a long time so I was sure that pretty much anywhere we go I will be just happy to spend some time away.


We didn’t plan anything specific to do there but for the first time we took our bikes on the trip. So after spending almost 5 h in a car we head out for a bike ride-and it was a fantastic experience. We were very lucky with the beautiful warm weather. I was enjoying the ride by Ottawa’s Rideau Canal.

IMG_6207 IMG_6208

IMG_20131013_101252 IMG_20131013_100437 IMG_6230

Biking is such a great idea in this city, you can explore all sorts of green spaces, parks, see architectural and historic landmarks. Ottawa has excellent bike path and it’s a beautiful place for sightseeing.

We got hungry pretty soon so we got back to the hotel to leave our bikes and then we went to find something to eat. First place we tried was: The Freshii. the food was just OK; a little bit too cold and it looked better on the menu than in a reality. Still.. they have gluten free options and that’s what matters to me. We went for a walk after and wandered around the city for the rest of the day

IMG_6214 IMG_6210 IMG_6244IMG_6242

We found BYWARD MARKET…so many things to see, try and do there. I Love places like that

IMG_6258 IMG_6256 IMG_20131012_155801

IMG_6255 IMG_6262 IMG_6267 IMG_6272

IMG_6271 IMG_6275 IMG_6284

“Obviously I had to mark my territory” and do a little bit of yoga here and there;) Tom is not surprised anymore and he ceased to protest;))))

IMG_6203 IMG_6219 IMG_6222 IMG_6190 IMG_6269


On a late afternoon we had a little break, got some yummy cupcakes at Thimble Cakes and coffee and we got back to out hotel to rest up a bit.

After we were out again to see Ottawa at night

IMG_6302 IMG_6331

IMG_6287IMG_6321 IMG_6310 IMG_6305

First thing on Sunday morning we went to the swimming pool ( I have to use it when I have a chance) to release some legs soreness and then we head out biking again;) The weather still was just great and I couldn’t resist to see beautiful fall colors around the city once again.

For our late breakfast/lunch we decided to try: The Daily Grind Art Cafe. I was very pleased that everything on the menu is Gluten free and I don’t have to explain everything and look for a specific choice. I just picked up whatever I wanted. It might sound silly for all of you who don’t have this problem…but for me… peace of mind when I am eating out it’s a luxury (unfortunately). I was extremely satisfied with my food choice ( an omelet with bacon and fries), It was delicious and I could eat mine and Tom’s portion without any problem;) Thank you The Daily Grind Cafe!!!


and that was pretty much it;  slowly you found our way to go back home.

This Thanksgiving weekend I am very grateful to my Hubby to take me for this trip…to reset my battery. Oh man, I needed it.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone,





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