Hello October



and colorful autumn nature…

It’s really my favorite season and  I am embracing it as much as I can.

We have October already and I am actually looking forward to it. September was a hard month for me, I had lots of work related activities and I just couldn’t wait until I am done. There is always something additional “to do” in my field but I will do my best to get some rest this month.

By the way, the goal for October I have is to go somewhere with my hubby for a weekend. We both just need to escape-any suggestions???

On the other note I wanted to share with you that I finished the Pre/Post natal Teacher’s Training over this past weekend. I need to say that it was very very exciting. I was a little worried that I may not “feel” it as much as I should but I was super pumped up with this training. My big hope is that I will start teaching this class soon. I can’t wait to help out all these pregnant women and bring some relief to them.


Finally on Sunday afternoon we went to the new restaurant – CJ’s Cafe. I am trying not to be critic here but I felt disappointed. They advertise as a gluten free place and yes, they can make your order without any gluten. Having said that my sandwich was so small that I was not satisfied with my meal. Tom got another sandwich on panini bread and we took a soup with that. I believe they should tell me that my swap sandwich will be for 3 bites. To be honest I could not taste what was inside….obviously it’s my personal preference and opinion. The soup was great, very filling and tasty. I would love to recreate this in my kitchen.

After we ate we went for a nice walk on the lake.



Now you tell my what is goal for October?




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