Weekend: lots of yoga and some good food


How are you guys?

I meant to post before the weekend but I just didn’t get a chance to do so. Today’s post is about the past weekend and some of my new tasty discovery…

On Saturday we had a really heavy rain over here (and I mean it when I say “heavy”), since we had a work event scheduled. It was an outdoor 24hour yoga challenge. I was schedule to teach at 4pm but I went there around noon time just to hang out with my ” yoga circle”. Even thou it was super duper cold it was a great experience to practice outside with the rain in the background. Besides the place was beautiful…


I am really sorry I didn’t take any other pictures, I just completely forgot that I took my camera. I taught a Mandala style class, sometimes I like to do that in the class too, to shift things around,,,,;)

Sunday: I was happy to have a half day off. I was pretty tired physically to begin with, then I had my regular class and after I just wanted to enjoy the rest of my day. Tom took us for a drive to Toronto; finding some new places and enjoying the ride

IMG_20130922_163104 IMG_20130922_145337

I found a new place that I am already in love with. The Bunner’s bakery-(gluten free of course). Honestly I heard about it before but never had a chance to get there. They have the best Cinnamon buns in the world and delicious cupcakes and yummy bread….I highly recommend that place.

There would be no trip to Toronto without stopping at Fresh Restaurant to eat. I just adore this place , the culture there and the food …

IMG_20130922_155043 I know IWe should give a chance to some other places. (I have a few on my list to check it out already) but each time we talk where to go we both end up with the same conclusion. The only thing I would say is:” a bit too much sprouts guys”

IMG_20130922_175752 I look “funny” on this picture sorryyyyy;))))

One the way home we stopped at Starbucks for our Americano and we enjoyed our goods in the car-messy stuff;)

The end.

I have a recipe ready for you so stay tune,






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