Life lately


Hello Friends,

I apologize for my absence in blogging but life got busy after we came back from our trip. I had to organize myself again and transition to my life.

There was so many events in my life since my last post that I don’t even know where to start. Please let the pictures tell the stories…

My cousin’s wedding: we had a blast till a daylight. You can always count on the hospitality and lots of dancing at the Polish wedding.

IMG_5938    IMG_5948

We finished 2 days of celebration with fire pit; I didn’t do it for years, it was a very relaxing and a perfect way to end our stay there.


We left the next day to Gdansk (Tom’s hometown). I love this city: it has the history and charm. IMG_6017     IMG_6019  IMG_6022

The Dominican market was taking place -it’s the best time to visit the city during summer time.



The next day we were flying back to Canada. I always feel a little sad when I am leaving my homeland…but I think it’s natural to feel this way. On the other hand i could come back to my routines, my home, my dog (that I missed so much).

I missed my food that’s for sure; my beautiful running trails and training sessions with the dog

IMG_20130820_141204 IMG_20130831_180440

IMG_20130830_112025 IMG_20130829_092111

Also last weekend we had Marcus’ first Bday party-what a boy!!!


and I think we are good now..

That’s basically all in short. Hopefully you had a very good month as well. More to come in September. By then, take care

happy couple





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