Welcome to Wroclaw


On one of these hot days we went to Wroclaw; to the nearest city where I spent all my University time here. Each time I go back it is a sentimental trip filled with memories.

Wroclaw is situated on the River Oder, is the largest city in the western Poland. It’s also known as a “meeting place and students city”.

IMG_5831 IMG_5841 IMG_5844 IMG_5860

We wandered around downtown all day. Thanks to lot of monuments and churches here, we could easily find places in the shade to cool off.

IMG_5853 IMG_5842 IMG_5883 IMG_5890

Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island) is my favorite and the oldest part of the city. It’s between branches of the Oder River. This is where I used to relax after lectures and lie down to study.

IMG_5869 IMG_5872 IMG_5866 IMG_5865

Bridge of love

IMG_5879 IMG_5894

IMG_5896 IMG_5900

After visiting Wroclaw Market Hall we went for dinner to the new vegan restaurant “Food for life”. I got some gluten free vegetable curry.

IMG_5901 IMG_5902

IMG_5882 IMG_5880 IMG_5904

It was a great day, I invite you to see this place if you ever are around.







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