First few days on vacation-Poland 2013


Hi Guys,

How is it going?

We arrived in Poland a week ago and for now we are just relaxing here, in my hometown. Honestly I like to come here and just be lazy for the first few days; Wandering around my old places, meeting with our friends, visiting my grandmother etc, nothing crazy.

The trip was …Ok. But I find that each time it just getting harder for me to travel: long hours of flight then waiting on the airport to transfer to another plane and changing the time zone.


My body really wanted to stretch at this point;)

We have an extreme heat., around 40 C since we arrived. It’s nice to experience the summer but considering that there is no AC in most of the apartments, can be very uncomfortable (especially to sleep). We went to the lake one day to cool off


One of my fav. spot when I used to come when I was younger.



very quite, almost private place for swimming.

In this weather ice cream is a MUST


I got a few interesting flavors of green and red tea-and I am enjoying them in the evenings. Delicious.


I will be back soon with some picture from our day trip.

Take care,



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