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Life lately


Hello Friends,

I apologize for my absence in blogging but life got busy after we came back from our trip. I had to organize myself again and transition to my life.

There was so many events in my life since my last post that I don’t even know where to start. Please let the pictures tell the stories…

My cousin’s wedding: we had a blast till a daylight. You can always count on the hospitality and lots of dancing at the Polish wedding.

IMG_5938    IMG_5948

We finished 2 days of celebration with fire pit; I didn’t do it for years, it was a very relaxing and a perfect way to end our stay there.


We left the next day to Gdansk (Tom’s hometown). I love this city: it has the history and charm. IMG_6017     IMG_6019  IMG_6022

The Dominican market was taking place -it’s the best time to visit the city during summer time.



The next day we were flying back to Canada. I always feel a little sad when I am leaving my homeland…but I think it’s natural to feel this way. On the other hand i could come back to my routines, my home, my dog (that I missed so much).

I missed my food that’s for sure; my beautiful running trails and training sessions with the dog

IMG_20130820_141204 IMG_20130831_180440

IMG_20130830_112025 IMG_20130829_092111

Also last weekend we had Marcus’ first Bday party-what a boy!!!


and I think we are good now..

That’s basically all in short. Hopefully you had a very good month as well. More to come in September. By then, take care

happy couple




Welcome to Wroclaw


On one of these hot days we went to Wroclaw; to the nearest city where I spent all my University time here. Each time I go back it is a sentimental trip filled with memories.

Wroclaw is situated on the River Oder, is the largest city in the western Poland. It’s also known as a “meeting place and students city”.

IMG_5831 IMG_5841 IMG_5844 IMG_5860

We wandered around downtown all day. Thanks to lot of monuments and churches here, we could easily find places in the shade to cool off.

IMG_5853 IMG_5842 IMG_5883 IMG_5890

Ostrow Tumski (Cathedral Island) is my favorite and the oldest part of the city. It’s between branches of the Oder River. This is where I used to relax after lectures and lie down to study.

IMG_5869 IMG_5872 IMG_5866 IMG_5865

Bridge of love

IMG_5879 IMG_5894

IMG_5896 IMG_5900

After visiting Wroclaw Market Hall we went for dinner to the new vegan restaurant “Food for life”. I got some gluten free vegetable curry.

IMG_5901 IMG_5902

IMG_5882 IMG_5880 IMG_5904

It was a great day, I invite you to see this place if you ever are around.






First few days on vacation-Poland 2013


Hi Guys,

How is it going?

We arrived in Poland a week ago and for now we are just relaxing here, in my hometown. Honestly I like to come here and just be lazy for the first few days; Wandering around my old places, meeting with our friends, visiting my grandmother etc, nothing crazy.

The trip was …Ok. But I find that each time it just getting harder for me to travel: long hours of flight then waiting on the airport to transfer to another plane and changing the time zone.


My body really wanted to stretch at this point;)

We have an extreme heat., around 40 C since we arrived. It’s nice to experience the summer but considering that there is no AC in most of the apartments, can be very uncomfortable (especially to sleep). We went to the lake one day to cool off


One of my fav. spot when I used to come when I was younger.



very quite, almost private place for swimming.

In this weather ice cream is a MUST


I got a few interesting flavors of green and red tea-and I am enjoying them in the evenings. Delicious.


I will be back soon with some picture from our day trip.

Take care,