Quebec City&Montreal part 2.


Hi Friends,

Let’s continue…we left Quebec City on Sunday morning and arrived in the Montreal at lunch time. The weather did not get any better. It was another gloomy day. Before we reached our hotel we stopped at Atwater Market.

Tom was very skeptical about it but soon he changed his mind. It’s a truly amazing place. Reminds me a market hall back in Poland (Hala Targowa in Wroclaw-to be exact) that was in front of my university. There is everything from meat, variety of cheeses, flowers, sweets, veggies. Anything that you wish to have fresh and tasty. We ate our lunch there, bought some fresh raspberries and went to the hotel.

IMG_5511  IMG_5512

As soon as we settled there we left to walk around the city. It has a different feel than Quebec City but I can totally appreciate this blend of monuments and modern buildings (very much like Europe).

IMG_5531 IMG_5542

IMG_5560 IMG_5525

IMG_5530 IMG_5559 IMG_5566

IMG_5552   IMG_5553

After 3 h of walking around the old city we started to move toward our next destination – Crudessence. I think the only raw vegan restaurant in Montreal.I was excited to try it and I can’t find the right words to describe it. It met my expectations in 100%!!!

IMG_5567 IMG_5569


We had maki rolls for a starter. Tom ordered a burrito and I ate a burger. For a dessert we had a banana split (the best I have ever had). The food was delicious After that we were slowly moving towards our hotel.We could see the sun was slowly coming up.

Can you see the difference in the sky?


I didn’t know that Montreal is a place to do shopping. There were so many stores on our way back that I felt overwhelmed. Unfortunately on Sunday evening it was a little bit too late for that. We were exhausted and we stayed in the hotel in the evening. We left in the morning, as we were driving it was getting super hot outside. What a shame.. but we did had a great time. It was nice to getaway from your routines and enjoy different culture and landscapes. hopefully next time we will have a better luck with the weather.

Au revoir!






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