Quebec City&Montreal part1.


So finally here it is, our well deserved vacation.

All packed, our dog in good hands,” let’s go”. With a little bit of delay we left our house around 9 am; it was going pretty smooth until Montreal, where we hit the traffic. But it didn’t last long so we came to Quebec City around 6pm. We stayed at Best Western hotel which is maybe 20 min away from the old city (not bad at all). The only problem was the weather. It was cold, rainy and windy. I kind of hoped that this will pass …well it did not. This was basically our weather for the entire vacation, including Montreal. It was miserable  outside and at some point we just had no choice than go back to the hotel…not nice. Really I tried to stay positive but I was literally getting sick on Saturday evening (Thank God I had my vitamin C with me).

The sky was grey;(


So as the weather permitted we were basically walking as much as we could. I can only imagine how pleasant in can be on a beautiful day. Old buildings , churches, houses, monuments, tiny streets with cafes every few meters-all in European style. I love it.


IMG_5414 IMG_5455 IMG_5425

IMG_5437 IMG_5462 IMG_5469

IMG_5471 IMG_5473 IMG_5440 IMG_5452

Food in Quebec: I think it was all right. Although it was tricky sometimes to explain in the restaurants that I have a gluten allergy.In general the waiters were nice and helpful; mostly they all went back to the kitchen and consulted with the chef. We have eaten at: Commensal. I can not recommend it. It has signs for a gluten free options,, which was great but the food was cold and not tasty. And especially after a long drive and this weather you really need something warm and comforting for your tummy.

I found delicious gluten free cupcakes here:

lots of these everywhere;)

IMG_5513 IMG_5501

IMG_5505 IMG_5499

Cora for breakfast and dinner at Entrecôte Saint-Jean. This was a nice place to eat. There were not many options for me but as long I can avoid gluten in my dinner I can adjust other stuff. So I had a Greek salad with chicken and a chocolate mousse as a desert.  My husband was delighted with their steak too.

I really wanted to have my dinner at Le Lapin Sauté, but unfortunately they were booked.

We stayed until Sunday morning in Quebec. My room was too small to do any yoga (beside this one episode outside)


but we used a swimming pool in the morning and that felt great on my body.

I will be back with the rest, for now, take care


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