First Long Weekend this summer


Hi Everyone,

Hopefully you had an amazing weekend. I know it may sound brutal but it was pretty refreshing to actually stay home and relax here. We had many things to catch up and since we are planning a trip on the next week, we decided to stay home. The weather was outstanding and I couldn’t have enough of this fresh breeze.

And  what was on the plate?

last minute lunch: salad (salmon, veggies, nori sheets, hummus) with fries

IMG_5387  IMG_5390

serious addiction to a protein bowl with a tahini dressing



And I don’t have to tell you what the last picture represents;)

Beside food we finally took care of our “garden”. Shopping in a greenhouse can be very confusing, everything looks good, and smells fresh. So I was just pretending that I know what I am looking for. We found some plants and the rest of the day spent in a garden. Now it looks good and let’s hope, our plants will like it here.

My favorite moment of this weekend was our bike trip. Tom got a bike for his birthday so recently we started to ride a bike together. We did take a dog a few times but it looks like she doesn’t have condition yet. So we take it easy on her.

But on Monday we did over 8 miles in the morning and that was so much fun. Finally I got my first tan and we came back exhausted.


And how was your long weekend? 



PS. A new recipe is coming your way



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