Happy Monday-updates


How was your weekend?

Ours was pretty quite. We had a snow day on Friday and my morning class was cancelled. It was tricky to get out of the house so some of us got really lazy


On Saturday Tom&I went to Qigong class-to check it out. We went because it was recommended to me and I am always excited to try new things. Qigong is an old Chinese system of healing and energy medicine. You can read more about it here. It uses gentle movements and meditation to cleanse the body and circulate the life energy. It was pretty interesting, I could relate some parts of it to yoga practices.-which was great. Still I was a bit confused what we were doing and how can I use it later on. I loved loved the meditation part. So we will see if I can make it to the next sessions. The time slot of this class is not really great for me. I have my class just after in my studio and I had to rush to my clients

Speaking about meditation….Although it is still work in progress, I can see improvements. I ‘ve been pretty consistent with it. NO, I don’t wake up at 5am to meditate;) But I guess maybe because I am so often feeling  anxious I am drawn towards it. And it feels great to balance it out. I started to include meditations in each of classes as well and I feel that my skills to guide others improved.


Hmm, I am cheating a little bit on my recommended diet. Still have some raw veggies and hummus on the go; bananas, lentils etc but I am trying my best. Now trying to master my crock pot recipes. The hardest part for me is to have meat. Honestly I was never 100% vegan and did had some meat form time to time but now,,,it’s ridicules. My specialist insists that I should have cooked meat and meat broth all the time but I just can not stand it anymore. So today I had saute veggies and tempeh- yumi

6-FebDo  you see this chicken on the bottom left?-Tom called this picture:” What vegans are missing?”

I did not think it was funny. More important questions-does it help?

Yes and no. I see changes but still since he is working on my abdominal a lot I feel uncomfortable most of the time. I feel great after having a cook pot meal that’s for sure. But I have to eliminate so much from my diet for now and there is not much left so it’s hard. We will see. I am positive that he will bring some improvements, just if I can keep consistent with his recommendations;)

I think that’s it for now. I will talk to you soon.



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