Birthday weekend recap




How do you like my roses?You would think that birthday should be fun and exciting when in fact they stress me out a lot-every year. Maybe beacuse it was a pretty round number this year I kept thinking about where am I at this point of my life and where I should be …The weirdest part about it that it’s me who has some expectations from myself, who set the bar higher all the time. And that brings stress and mood swings and I just need to learn how to let go some of this thoughts when I don’t need them…Thanks to Tom my birthday was great. He took care about everything for me. On Saturday we went to Paradiso Resaurant in Oakville for a dinner with a bunch of our friends. I really like this place. I enjoyed my food and a company. They have special menu for gluten allergies and let me tell you:I had the best spicy chicken ever. Especially that Tom is never jealous about my food and he actually wanted my meal;)IMG_20130119_180141Later we came back to our house to chill out and here are some pics:IMG_5091yummy gluten free cake from my hubbyIMG_5102Magda, Winni & meIMG_5109Tom & meIMG_5125Please, don’t judge-we are an average couple who loves their dog;) that’s all.Thank you Tom for a lovely Birthday,Till next time friends,



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