Yoga Therapeutics


With Halloween this week in between I don’t really know why this week passed by so fast!!!

I owe you a little something about the training that I took the past weekend. First of all, it was really amazing to be brought back to my Teacher Training times and spend time surrounded by students, teachers and connect a little bit more then we usually have time to do so.

I teach a variate of yoga classes (Hatha, Vinyasa, Core Power etc) but despite the type and level of classes I instruct poses according to Anusara Alignment. You can read more about it here.

So the training was a great reminder for me. We went over most common injuries (shoulders, lower back, hamstrings, knees, ankles etc) that our students might have, how to prevent them and how to heal/treat them if necessary.

What I love about these Universal principles of alignment is that it all make sense for me. They are not only therapeutic but the idea is that they bring our bodies into its optimal blueprint (each of us has our own). This is what creates overall health.

The proper alignment is crucial for our bodies, not only in a yoga class but also when we move, sit, get out of the bed. And yes, I know that it is easy to say than do. The way we keep our posture can get tricky and there are many factors that can affect that, such as: habits, stress, injures that we already have, even cold weather has impact on our bodies and tends to bring lots of tension to the shoulders.

The point is that we can teach our bodies a “new” alignment, better postures and it’s never too late.

Most important is to stay out of you pain zone. So whatever move you do and you feel that’s bringing you pain, please avoid it and respect your body. It’s telling you to something already.

By taking the action now we can learn from our current injuries and prevent future pain. Get sensitive and become an observant of our bodies. Dealing with any kind of injuries we should start with “un-tighten” things that are tight, constrict and strengthen muscles that are weak.

Summarizing: first start with engaging and strengthening your muscles (muscular energy), so you can maintain the integrity and alignment and then stretch and expend (organic). That’s yoga from the therapeutic point of view;).

Have a fabulous weekend guys,





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