Diet & Fitness on vacation and get back to shape plan



Let’s be realistic: we can not really diet on vacation, I would rather say we can try to eat healthy and clean.

I need to admit it was hard to keep up with my eating habits while I was away. Especially that we were guests almost all the time and bringing/preparing my own meals was out of the question. I tried to find foods that I eat at home (e.i. Avocados, tofu, almond/soy milk, nuts and seeds, PB etc.) but depending where we were I had so so luck with it. I had several days during last 3 weeks where I was feeling really crappy mostly because I didn’t have eating routines and we had to eat meat to get some protein during the day. I don’t have to add that Polish cuisine is pretty greasy and contains lots of gluten. But how can you say NO to homemade pierogies which my grandma prepared when we arrived…

And yes, it was most likely my fault beacuse I could avoid all that food but trying to explaining why I don’t want to eat this or that to an older generation it’s not fun and sometimes risky.

It was easier to stick to my diet on the cruise. We had a buffet but then there was so much variety so it was easy to overeat. I’ve missed my food: smoothies, shakes, juices, salads. It ‘s hard to believe how your body can crave greens when it gets used to it. I saw a juicer stand in Croatia and I almost cried when I was sipped on my first juice in a few weeks.

So here we are back with a few additional pounds and it’s time to get back to my healthy food. Fist homemade meal today:

 Warm Spicy tofu with bbq zucchini and a salad with hummus.

 Get my body back plan:

 lots of water during the day (1.5-2l. per day)

green juice or smoothie for breakfast and around workout time

mostly raw (meatless) diet

choosing more dark leafs and vegetables for my meals

add spices to my meals, such as cayenne pepper and turmeric  to heal my digestive issues

reduce oil intake,

no fast food or refine foods (this won’t be a problem since I don’t even crave it)

reduce sugar intake (but this will be a challenge;)


This was interesting too. Usually what happens on vacations is that you don’t have time for exercising. But since Tom & I are use to saving some time for fitness activities (whatever it is) we didn’t have this problem. Our major issues was we didn’t have a place to exercise. My parents apartment is really small:4 adults and a big dog who wants to be in the middle of everything what is happening, that’s a lot already. So we got a few session in a local gym just to get our bodies moving. I went for a run a few times (my dad is a new runner and he showed me his routes) that was a nice change. But I was missing hot yoga and believe me I can’t wait to get back to my studios and really sweat!!! I tried to practice on the carpet in the morning a few times but between furniture and sleeping husband, it was a challenge. Still I did it!.

On the cruise we had a gym and a treadmill downstairs so we used it before breakfast.

It was not intense of course and my body got a good break from exercising so I manage to get rid of tight hips and pain in my back that I am dealing with at home. So from fitness point of view we were not so bad.

I hope that clean foods and regular exercising help me with getting my body back so I feel comfortable with it.

I am happy I am back. It’s really sad to leave and know that it will be another year until we will see each other again (but this is another story).

Everywhere is good but still: home, sweet home.

It’s the Thanksgiving weekend in Canada and I am thankful that I was able to spend time with my family.

Happy Thanksgiving Everyone



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