Europe adventure part 1-going back home…


…but before we left to the airport we still had some food left and 6 eggs to eat to completely clean out the fridge. I don’t remember having 3 eggs in one sitting but this is how it started:

Egg omelette with tomatoes and spinach

Waiting for our delayed plane I sipped on my last Americano

An 8 hour flight it’s a long time, adding transfer flight, waiting time etc I couldn’t wait to stretch out a little bit

I had a good sleep in the plane but I was tired and stressed out already and I traveled with a sick husband so when I woke up I was feeling really really sick too. Sore throat and a headache bleh… I wasn’t sick for the last 3 years, I guess, my body really needed a break and at this point it said enough! If it could wait a little bit longer…

While we are away our friends are taking care of our dog but here I have another buddy who is making my stay more enjoyable-if she feels like it;)

till next time,



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